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Diluc X Reader FluffWarnings: verbal harassment and bullying, hateful comments, ebing called a golddigger, crying. Characters: Childe x gn! reader, ft. paint me silver / masterlist directory of links diluc kaeya. heyyy okay so im feeling vv fluffy rn so i’m thinking reader is hanging out with the kids, e. Here are some tips on how to g. Part 5 of it takes a little getting used to. ♡ Please don't be rude to the author and readers. Life was different in their youth. Read the most popular crushfluff stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Cyno is Bad at Feelings (Genshin Impact) Other Additional Tags to Be Added. It is one of the most popular PDF readers available, and for good reason. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Demon Reader Dom Reader Male Various Demons X Reader Fluff A demon made of human's lesser sins; the actions that don't damn them to hell as they're instinctual, the lesser-minded can't handle not fulfilling them; betrayed once by humankind and soon to be the assistant to a human exchange student. in the end, he’s very loyal and would give you the world. I don't see it in my masterlist but I . | please reblog!! im getting back into writing and reblogs with tags and comments will make me want to write more :D. "Of course, I'll get a blanket. Love is Beautiful — Characters: Scaramouche, Diluc, Kaeya. A/N: I wrote this at 3am so this will have bad Grammer and spelling errors! GIF by demon-childe. They don't need to, you have their mating bite on your neck, and they have yours, that's the only proof that anyone needs that you're a couple. These drabbles may be smut, fluff, or angst. all the while, your friend is trying to find just the way to confess his feelings for you. Adobe Reader is a software that allows you to view, print and comment on PDF documents. Katara (Avatar) Sokka (Avatar) Y/N, a young, sixteen-year-old airbender, had been tasked to watch over Aang, the avatar, when she was fourteen. diluc x gn reader on Tumblr">#diluc x gn reader on Tumblr. ask: “patching up an injury with diluc pls梁羅 like he did his darknight hero duty and s/o kisses scar on his back too 梁梁梁梁梁” he stumbles in late, the dawn of the next day already peeking its way through the clouds. Meanwhile, Diluc is trying to find a treasure hoarder with a Delusion. “diluc, youve been working for so long. 😏 Anygays٫ prob smut٫ fluff٫ suicidal thoughts٫ sh٫ and I might even. Diluc was known to be a very emotionless, straightforward man. ───────── ˗ˏˋ 𝗱𝗲𝘁𝗮𝗶𝗹𝘀'ˎ˗ genshin impact diluc x fem reader genre ; fluff, crack. Pairing: Childe x Reader (Romantic) Note: in case anyone didn’t know, Childe has an older sister, an older brother, and two younger siblings (Tonia. After you’ve cleaned up and dried, Diluc dresses you in one of his larger shirts and lays you gently on his bed as he was carrying you again. Simon "Ghost" Riley/Reader. ⵌ genshin impact drabbles feat. diluc x reader || a genshin impact smut fanfiction orphan_account. Sure, they walked in the same circles but it wasn’t the …. Browse through and read kokomi sangonomiya x reader stories and books. Pocket's Obsessions — Don't Need You. "Master Diluc, I didn't take you for the type to do such risqué things, and in the middle of the living room nonetheless. amanuensis’ message ⊹ y’all are not just friends babes, smooch. So I am now writing a fanfic based on the Genshin Impact franchise. Lyney (Genshin Impact) Arlecchino (Genshin Impact) Character Study. In terms of mora we have mora @pearlywritings chatterbox Follow. If there are any major mistakes let me know!. To the point where people, specifically the Qixing, began to notice this unhealthy habit. a collection of genshin impact x gn!reader oneshots. Note: gatta thank my friend for this once, they were in pain while i wrote this, shout out to u bro ——————. summary: a certain wine tycoon may have met his match when it comes to getting him away from the winery for a short. You feel warm and snug in his hugs :)) Cuddling with Diluc after a bad day isn’t so bad. See a recent post on Tumblr from @whoistartaglia about genshin fluff. Also you didn’t specify the gender of the reader so I just maked it gender neutral (I’m a very awkward person too, btw) - in our world AU - THIS IS SO SHORT, IM SO EMBARRASSED IM SO SORRY!!!!!. characters! — jumin, zen (hyun), yoosung, saeyoung (707), saeran (ray), jihyun (v). Piercings Genshin Men Would Have. Diluc As Your Lover - Diluc x Reader, Fluff. by the end of the day, he could skate by himself, you felt like a proud teacher. Discover more posts about diluc x reader, genshin x reader, genshin fluff, childe fluff, diluc x you, diluc …. diluc x reader - Freeform; Oneshot; Fluff; reader plays violin; diluc x male reader; No Smut; Reader is male; Summary. You 100% take advantage of this and anytime he gets too cocky or rude you know exactly what to do. She's approached by Captain John Price of the Task Force 141 and soon her life is turned upside down. You'd been one of Signora's favorites before her untimely death at the hands of the Electro Archon, and Arlecchino seems to think of you as an inheritance, of sorts, as much as you loathed to think of yourself as some possession meant to be passed from one hand to another. ★ Notes: @chichikoi this is what I made of the angsty EBG fic I didn’t send you, though I rewrote most of it because I decided I didn’t like it XD Also, 🎶 anon, this was inspired by one of the songs you sent in :D. — gojo, being loved by him is going to be the best feeling ever honestly, he’s an extraordinary man and he may be immature at some points but he can put his foot down when needed. he lied to keep you away, away from his duties to hunt down the fatui. the heavens are golden : a modern, parent trap AU, diluc x f!reader…. With its intuitive dashboard, you can easily track and manage your transactions, view customer data, and even customize your checkout experien. Would tell you stories to not bore you <3. However, you never told him you had a crush on him. 《 ══°∴,*⋅ ═〖 〗═ ⋅*,∴°══ cover credits: cover made by. In today’s digital age, the way we consume news has undergone a significant transformation. Browse through and read or take ganyu x reader stories, quizzes, and other creations Venti Zhongli Kaeya Diluc Tartaglia Xiao Aether Cyno Albedo Dainsleif Jean - I will write things like songfics, AUs, angst, and especially fluff. Fortunately for the beautiful red-haired bastard, you have just the plan to help him unwind. But Diluc doesn’t care because he loves you and that’s all that matters. PAIRING : diluc ragnvindr x gn!reader GENRE : fluff(ish) + angst (also ish) ; more bittersweet than anything !! one-sided pining WORD COUNT : 2. You shout impatiently, gesturing the unsuspecting red head to some nearby picnic blankets you had set up. *DISCONTINUED* He is one of the harbingers of the fatui and is quite strict when it comes to work affairs. Reader is a Jujutsu Sorcerer (Jujutsu Kaisen) Mutual Pining. See a recent post on Tumblr from @solarrclxud about Diluc fluff. Square Reader is a powerful and convenient tool for businesses to accept payments from customers. you turned the opposite direction of the light to avoid it. Diluc wasn't an emotional man, or so he told himself. The request is here A/N: Oh Anon, I cannot express how much I thank you for this request. 6K 28 8 [ GENSHIN IMPACT ' -X READER ONESHOTS. Sad Diluc (Genshin Impact) It is spring in Mondstadt and Kaeya is called to lead an attack against a large group of hilichurls and abyss mages. Equally, Childe hates Kaeya but you try to keep him on a leash. ♡ prince au/forbidden love drabbles ft: — tighnari, diluc, ayato. You were a kind 23 year old woman who lived in Liyue Harbor. Renaissance Learning offers online quizzes and tests for their Accelerated Reader program; these tests can be taken at home or anywhere one can access the Internet. A preprimer reader is a book written at a level suited to students in kindergarten and those entering the first grade. Discover more posts about sub genshin impact, genshin impact x male reader, genshin x male reader, genshin smut, genshin impact smut, neuvilette x reader, and sub genshin. prompt: diluc would rather kiss you in private than spend a second longer at this party (otherwise known as your whiny lover essentially begging you to leave the party then corralling you in a private alcove to make out) pairing: diluc x gn!reader. genshin impact genshin impact x reader genshin imagines genshin x reader genshin impact smut genshin smut diluc x reader smut diluc smut diluc ragnvindr diluc x reader genshin diluc genshin impact diluc. This is day two of tickletober!! This fic isn’t as rushed so I hope it’s better than day one. Diluc/Jean (Genshin Impact) Diluc (Genshin Impact) Jean (Genshin Impact) Friends to Lovers; childhood aquantences; slow burn but i cant write so it happens in 1000 words; Romance; they are so very in love; Fluff; Tooth-Rotting Fluff; Summary. Browse through and read or take "diluc x reader" stories, quizzes, and other creations. Anantaru's Genshin/HSR kinktober 2023 feat. To find a book in the Accelerated Reader program, visit AR BookFinder, and use their search options to generate a book list based on specific criteria, suggests Renaissance Learning. Fanfiction Some oneshots for Genshin Impact because I should have started writing these a while ago. Arlecchino (Genshin Impact). Toys shaped like abyss mages are littered around the room, as well as and actual abyss mage. a/n: I just hc these characters to be a ‘messy roommate’, if you think they’re the opposite, my bad ☹️☹️ This is js my opinion since the request said it can b anyone !!. so I'm wondering how would the Genshin men react with …. Diluc Ragnvindr mysteriously vanished from Mondstadt after the sudden death of his father, Master Crepus Ragnvindr. Sent on a mission to retrieve a mystical magic mirror, Tartaglia finds himself in a crystal cave, far from prying eyes. Would act like he doesn't really like it, how he's able to look after himself. Sucrose with Klee and Albedo walk into . summary: what would the characters do if they accidentally confessed to you? pairings: zhongli x gn!reader; diluc x gn!reader; albedo x gn!reader; kazuha x gn!reader warnings: none that i´m aware of,. While a past incident caused him to split ways with the Knights of Favonius, he continues to protect Mondstadt in his own way. Albedo X Reader Genshin Stories. Yandere Reverse Harem | Reader | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Fantasy Oneshot Male X Female Male X Male Female X Female Add to library488 Discussion 31 Suggest tags. warning: fem reader, sexual content, oral sex (reader receiving), masturbation, fingering (slight), dominant, etc. Besides… who the hell was going to challenge you, the Third Harbinger of the eleven. featuring: Zhongli, Diluc, Childe. Tighnari is a playable Dendro character in Genshin Impact. See a recent post on Tumblr from @childeel about diluc x reader. As a citizen of Mondstadt running away from a life you once new, you take up residence in a cottage in the Whispering Woods trying to escape a fate that was forced upon you. Diluc would notice your downcast mood pretty quickly, seeing how your usual smile was replaced with a sad frown and the happy glint in your eyes had left, he'd ask you if you were alright. He also checks your temperature often. Childe finds an unlikely friend in the stern history teacher, Mr. La Signora x Female reader (Traveler) Follows canon events of Mondstadt and Liyue till chapter 2 with few changes in between. Fluff and Crack — Diluc x GN!Reader. 『𝗜𝗡 𝗧𝗘𝗬𝗩𝗔𝗧, 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗦𝗧𝗔𝗥𝗦 𝗜𝗡 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗦𝗞𝗬 𝗪𝗜𝗟𝗟 𝗔𝗟𝗪𝗔𝗬𝗦 𝗛𝗔𝗩𝗘 𝗔 𝗣𝗟𝗔𝗖𝗘 𝗙𝗢𝗥 𝗬𝗢𝗨』Teyvat was a land full of monsters. Dainsleif X Reader Stories. notes: i really liked making this. hello! I'm new to your blog so uh yea hi :D. I tried to give Diluc more fluff because it hurts when I stare at his. Prompt: Gorou x reader Warnings: idk fluff, bad grammer. Characters included: Albedo, Childe, Diluc, Kaeya, Thoma, Venti, Zhongli and Xiao [separately] x GN!Reader. coming home to an empty house solidified that feeling of guilt and pain as he remembered the look on your face as he claimed he no longer felt anything for you. Ganyu/Keqing (Genshin Impact). For me Diluc in game looks fine from certain angles, but not from others. How a stream began along your cheeks, of happiness and relief, accompanied with pain and resentment. Looking into the world of heroes for inspiration he had decid bokunoheroacademiaxmalereader. (Fluff? Idk, it's like- neutral? No smut. Scenario: He leaves before you wake up. tonight was an important night there where was going to be a meeting a very important one. This article will provide an overview of the Square R. <3 Rewritten to add lactation kink, more breeding kink …. Yandere Genshin Impact | Tartaglia Reader | Fanfiction Romance Childe Toxic Relationship Yandere X Reader Fatui. Mayb : pairing: diluc x male reader req: no. 【 diluc ragnvindr x reader 】. Diluc Ragnvindr x (Top) Male Reader Fluff / Angst Oneshot. a/n: anon i am SO sorry this took so long to get out TT i haven’t found a good time to work on this or write in general, i hope you still see this (probably not im so sorry @_@) anyways this got SUPER lengthy literally the longest piece ive written but i enjoyed where it was going and got …. His tears falling once again, sliding down his face and onto your belly. The roads foggy and dim, nothing that could be seen from where you stood, staring at the fogged screen that prevented you from walking any further. Fluff (2174) Not Beta Read (1452) Angst (1420) Hurt/Comfort (1386). Wanderlust - Diluc Ragnvindr x Reader “laughing into the kiss” For @xiaosmoon valentines day writing collab! Warning: Mentions of Diluc’s Dad, Fluff (didnt have a lot of time to edit, sorry in. how she’s sleeping through all this movement you have no idea. This is the official community for Genshin Impact (原神), . diluc ragnivindr x reader on Tumblr">#diluc ragnivindr x reader on Tumblr. See a recent post on Tumblr from @i23kazu about diluc fluff. pairing: diluc x gn!reader the first snowfall of the season begins at night. From the way his armor forebodingly clangs as he protects. warnings! —mentions of alcohol consumption, slight angst. And So It Begin…Various Mondstadt Boys x GN Reader. #diluc headcanons on Tumblr. Chapter 2: Eventful Night (Diluc x Reader) Summary: After many promises unkept, Diluc makes it up to his lover in his own way. Fanfiction Romance X Reader Dbd. He was very fond of his crimson locks and yet he never really took care of them. summary: how the genshin boys give kisses characters: childe, diluc, kaeya, razor, venti, xiao, xingqiu, zhongli style & genre: bulleted & written; fluff warnings: a tiny bit suggestive in some of them notes: i love them, that’s all Childe. I will tag each drabble accordingly at the beginning of the chapter. Razor (Genshin Impact)/Reader. this was inspired by my successful and expensive ayato pulls from last year The Rise of Online Newspaper Subscriptions: Why More Readers are Going Digital. Comfort - Montgomery Gator x Reader- it is one of those days where your beloved animatronic lover is feeling low about themselves. But Diluc, the Uncrowned King of Mondstadt, is dead-set on making your mission a living nightmare In more ways than you could possibly imagine. ★ Includes: Diluc, Thoma, GN reader, fluff to angst :)) ★ Word Count: 939. as the sun sets behind the hills and the sky above turns a deep shade of blue the dawn winery grows ever quieter, a normal occurrence this time of day. Inquisitive(GenshinXmale!reader). Albedo (Genshin Impact)/Reader. People get the wrong impression of him as he rarely smiles. Pairing: Diluc x You/Reader (Female)-----You are the proud wife of Diluc Ragnvindr. You’re a cute seelie following Diluc around. Use of second person, no use of Y/N. synopsis! — kaeya gets sentimental with you over a late-night chat and a bottle of wine. g xiao for qiqi, diluc for diona, …. The kind that feels peaceful and comforting, but far away. #al haitham x reader on Tumblr. #pixiv #Japan #Diluc/Kaeya - 305 manga found. Your life was typically routine. C: penpal: omg YESYESYES!!! as a chubby person myself, i’ve always loved chubby!reader fics - hope you enjoy this hc! -> diluc will show his love through actions so expect lots of kisses and hugs from him! he just loves holding you in his arms and give you all the affection he has. And then finally comes the inevitable: change. Before reading, please check series masterlist to read the warning(s), disclaimer, and to make sure you’re on the right chapter. In today’s digital age, having a reliable PDF reader is essential for managing and viewing documents. They offered you breakfast and you accepted happily. ♡ diluc with a short s/o would include… ୨୧ ₊˚๑︶꒥︶꒷︶︶꒥꒷︶꒥︶︶꒷ hi! trying out something a little new here, so if any of you would like a fluff version of this headcanon, please let me know! enjoy the fic, loves ^^. it had taken some convincing for him to leave his work and spend some time outside with you. Genshin Impact Oneshots (Requests Open). If you compare him 1:1 to Kaeya you notice that his eyes sit lower on his face, so it makes his face look very small and more baby-like to my eyes. Nahida And Wanderer In HXH by Yuinoah. He watches over his kingdom quietly and does so diligently, day and night. The hole in his heart is vaster. 235 pages 5 days ago Fate Written In The Stars. I would be willing to do gender neutral reader as well, just make sure to specify. " Diluc gave you a small smile, wiping one of the drinking glasses with a cloth. Can the forces holding this world together be balanced against human desires, or is everything ultimately doomed to end in destruction?. Aeons ago, the elder elemental gods granted civilization to the human race, but the world soon splintered as corruption and greed grew without check. Answer: “ DILUC + ROSE ” ━━ ☆ PAIRING: diluc/reader ━━ ☆ GENRE: fluff fluff #gi x reader #diluc ragnvindr #diluc x reader #diluc . he had always found you attractive, sometimes stealing glances at you when you’re talking to his friends or secretly hoping you would ask him to hang out (without your annoying friends tagging along, as they had always done)—so when he finds out he’s stuck with you for the night, he has mixed feelings. ), lovestruck neuvillette :( , may contain an inaccurate description of the melusine's tail bcs i'm dumb, a really minimal spoiler from the 4. xiao zhongli diluc kaeya childe alhaitham neuvillette x gn!reader genre. Reader is a former military member, having retired after losing her team while on a mission, including her fiance. You and Scaramouche get along, you’re the only harbinger that likes him. A storm that will either take a life or. A Moment - Diluc x Reader ~ by. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Video Game Kazuha X Reader Inazuma Liyue Zhongli Beidou Ningguang Kazuha x Tomo's sibling; you haven't been outside of Inazuma since your older brother's death you felt torn apart without him he was all you ever had however this year you started going out more and got over it, you went to Liyue …. Notes: I’m currently working on a Diluc au that might turn into a series, but here’s this for now! Summary: What better time to be comforted by your husband than right before 5 a. Many know that the Mondstadt Tycoon is not fond of idle chit-chat, Diluc is a man of few words and his partner…someone with even fewer words. But he valued the time you spent together, and most certainly enjoys being around you. However far I may stray, I shall return. The program encourages kids to read independently. yae publishing house; works xiao x reader zhongli x reader ayato x reader alhaitham x reader diluc x reader library; mondstadt library; liyue library; sumeru library; inazuma. a/n! — thank you guys sm for 1k …. The Square Reader Dashboard is a powerful tool for small business owners that allows them to manage their payments, track sales, and monitor customer data. Pairing: Diluc Ragnvindr x Reader (fem). Loosely inspired by Darling in The Franxx and Evangelion - Freeform. #i know this is a flop post but. She had thought her resolve was unwaver 1 Next page ». No worries, this is angst-free. PDFs are a great way to share documents with others, but they can be difficult to view and edit without the right software. A good afternoon [Diluc x readers - w smut?] AjaxsussyUssy. Everything routine, everything order. From the way his armor forebodingly clangs as he protects the streets of Mondstadt from the dark of the night to the stone faced expression he wears like a …. Now chest to chest and lips to lips. Could you do a Diluc x reader (one sided on readers part. DILUC ★ It took you a while to work up the courage to ask him if you could help assist tie his hair in the mornings. you feel yourself settle as you realize who it most likely is. #thoma x reader fluff on Tumblr. BETA - Diluc, Thoma, Pantalone, Al-Haitham, Tighnari. //A day with Ayato! Sister sent me Ayato for a day. Yandere | Reader | Fanfiction Romance Xreader YanderexReader Transmigration Harem Various x Reader Yanderes X Reader Add to library505 …. Keqing (Genshin Impact) Mentioned Ningguang (Genshin Impact) Hurt/Comfort. Summary: Vaguely remembering the time when you were once human, you are a mini seelie roaming the outskirts of Mondstadt when you find Diluc and decide to follow him– though he does his share of following you too, through the best and worst of your adventures together. And if that wasn't enough, a storm is approaching. Genshin Men And Their Weddings - Headcanons. He had the biggest heart, and cares much about you. Whispers of the Winds — hi, can i request albedo, mona, yanfei, …. Harry must have noticed his remerging distress, because he became fussy again, pitiful cries filling the silent room. paint me silver / prompt: diluc would rather kiss you in private. notes: inspired by my own bad driving. Welcome Call me Aries | she/her | Bisexual | 25 I'm writing for my hyperfixations, which right now is Genshin Impact. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; [Kaveh fluff] Contents : fluff, mentions of Kaveh overworking. #Spotify #genshin x reader #diluc x reader #diluc #viral #trending #ayato x reader #ayato fluff #diluc fluff #albedo smut #albedo x reader #albedo fluff #genshin impact. In My Dreams [Diluc X Reader] “Hellooo Angel’s Share!”. Chess is one of his few hobbies outside of protecting the city. He will teach you his fighting skills of the dark knight. various! characters x reader by anantaru Fandoms: 原神 Diluc would very much like to be done with this mission. Do keep in mind women can read this, I am one myself but i prefer male reader over female reader when it comes to y/n(I promise I'm not sexist). Part-Dragon Zhongli (Genshin Impact) Zhongli has a dark past. 」 ~好奇 ᘜᗴᑎᔕᕼIᑎ X ᴍᴀʟᴇ!Reader #aether #ajax #albedo #amber #chongyun #diluc #fanfic #fluff #genshin #genshinimpact #genshinxreader #jean #kaeya #lisa #lumine #malereader #reader #scaramouche #slimes #variousxmalereader #variousxreader #venti #visions #xingqiu. ” you point to the way outside the walls of the city. See a recent post on Tumblr from @jun3sl1ght about diluc fluff. diluc x neutral reader crack, fluff, smut ! !! LOWERCASE Mature. Browse through and read or take arranged marriage x reader stories, quizzes, and other creations. tagging: @sunazu @heaven-dissolution @miikonyan @spookii-does-stuff @pyobeul @dendroarchonz @clouds-rambles @cerasus--flores @cxlrose @favonius-captain @kallmelia @cupidines. Chapters 3 - 6: Kissing Headcanons. Discover more posts about diluc x reader, genshin x reader, diluc ragnvindr, genshin fluff, diluc imagines, …. ꒰ fly little bird ; akaashi keiji ꒱. genshinimpactoneshots genshinimpact genshin genshinoneshots diluc xiao kaeya oneshots venti childe Genshin Impact One-Shots by -` D. Join her journey as her fiery love blossoms in the city of Mondstadt. 𝗛𝗘𝗥 𝗦𝗧𝗢𝗡𝗘 𝗖𝗢𝗟𝗗 𝗘𝗬𝗘𝗦 𝗡𝗘𝗔𝗥𝗟𝗬 𝗕𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗗𝗘𝗗 𝗠𝗘. Genshinimpactoneshots Stories. Even worse when they feel they are being robbed and she was about to take him from the people. ? Warnings: Fluff, overworked Diluc, sleep deprived reader. warnings: gender neutral reader, fluff, reckless driving in childe’s part. Genshin Impact NSFW Collection. diluc is a troubled soul for he has gone through more than his fair share of trauma and still hasn’t fully come to terms with it. Pairing: Diluc x fem!Reader (she/her pronouns) Summary: People get vile when their are jealous. mainly diluc and kaeya i cant really write about characters who im not attached to or know like that. ♡ falling for you (diluc x reader)ft: — diluc. Characters: Zhongli, Diluc, Childe. fluff ☀ / angst ☁ / suggestive Genshin Boys · Headcanons + little imagines You faint in front of them (cyno + tighnari + thoma) ☀. the day he told you those words he’d felt nothing but regret. a modern, parent trap AU, diluc x f!reader. Diluc pauses his train of thought and instinctively turns his head to the left where he sees you floating. More chapters will be gradually added, however updates will be infrequent. Upon meeting the other survivors, you realized that nobody has ever escaped. she has a point tho he is certainly husband material !. Discover more posts about yoimiya x reader. Diluc Nsfw Fanfiction Stories. diluc was always home at odd hours, it came with the job, but today even you couldn’t keep yourself up late enough to welcome him home. Genshin Impact Fontaine Stories. just someone who likes writing — Characters: Thoma, Diluc, Ei x …. stan zuko + summary: how the genshin boys give. various! characters (including nsfw/sfw/angst). Diluc becomes restless in the …. As “Diluc” looked down at his own body in utter bewilderment before scrounging his surroundings, Diluc realized that there was an unsettling familiarity to “Diluc’s” actions. the last few maids and workers that remain finish their duties. That when you entered his life and snuggled up to him late one cold night. Genshin Impact | Reader Diluc | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Genshin Genshin X Reader Diluc X Reader Mihoyo Manga. There will be a lot of smut and a lot of fluff! None of the characters belong to me, they belong to Hoyoverse. Kaeya Angst Fanfiction Stories. he sticks himself to the wall, feeling too awkward to …. I Plead, Your Majesty, For Forgiveness. diluc moves his arm away from yours and onto your hip just as she lands and finds a comfortable place on the perch you’ve made for her. ♡ lose you to love me (childe x reader)ft: — childe. sights —gojo satoru x gn!reader, fluff, mild LDR. you were supposed to live happily ever after at that winery, running a wedding planning empire. Kaeya X Dainsleif Fanfiction Stories. "Oh but they are fictional" what matters is the Context, not if they are fictional or not. 4k Diluc wasn’t an emotional man, or so he told himself. Mondstadt (Genshin Impact) Forbidden Love. But the knowledge you know about Tevyat and your brain might give …. Arranged Marriage X Reader Stories. Xioather oneshots Some contain fluff or smut or both No angst, i don't want to cry My grammar and spelling suck gayfanfics; genshinimpact; aether +5 more # 14. The next moment, his burning lips are against your neck, and you can feel his hungry moans against your skin reverberating through. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. A large space sat between the two of you. Carefully, you sat up and stretched your arm as far as it could reach over to his nightstand, you fumbled around the very edge before your fingers grazed the warm metal of his pyro vision. Browse through and read m!reader x genshin impact lemon stories and books. Genshin Impact | Tartaglia Reader Diluc | Anime/Manga Romance Game Childe Child Genshin. — After A Long Night… He returns home to you. Genshin Impact | Kaeya Diluc Venti Albedo Mondstadt Characters Amber Barbara Jean Eula Bennett. much too fierce, even for a pyro vision holder. Cursed into a cycle of rebirths, she was filled with a wave of burning anger and promised to forever detest the gods. 896 23 6 Crimson Eyes (Diluc x Fem!Reader) by Raja. Well, at least the fanon's interpretation of himself. Passing Hands - Bridgerton AU - AO3. #genshin #diluc #diluc fluff #diluc ask #diluc x reader #Mod Diluc #genshin x reader #genshin fluff #headcannons #oneshot #diluc headcannons #diluc oneshot #genshin ask #diluc fanfic #diluc fic More you might like. ───────── ˗ˏˋ 𝗱𝗲𝘁𝗮𝗶𝗹𝘀'ˎ˗ genshin impact diluc x fem reader genre ; fluff, crack, smūt femdom reader ˗ˏˋ 𝗲𝘅𝘁𝗿𝗮 'ˎ˗ fruity era 🐮 strawberries. One of your more reckless friends, Julian, suggests going to his family's cabin as a vacation. Sitting by the window, you formed a heavenly image. See a recent post on Tumblr from @whoistartaglia about zhongli x reader. he’s a man who has unspokenly. His face seemed to grow closer to You, his red eyes shining like fire, hot and intense. were they always so green? like lone emeralds in a dark mine. (Mostly Lumine POV, fluff) Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,394 - Published: 22m - Lumine, Paimon Meanwhile, Diluc is trying to find a treasure hoarder with a Delusion. warnings: potentially ooc diluc? he’s rather playful in this but i wanted to explore him. It is the easiest leveled reader and contains words from the Dolch pre-primer sight word list as well as simple text that. How Do I Find a Book in Accelerated Reader?. #diluc x reader smut on Tumblr. That would really help me! Likes, replies, reblogs, and shares also count. Diluc X Reader Fanfiction Stories. No need to prove their love to anyone around you. Diluc wasn’t an emotional man, or so he told himself. Diluc x Reader{FLUFF and SMUT} by hibiscup Fandoms: 原神 | Genshin Impact (Video Game) Explicit; Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings; F/M, M/M; Complete Work; 02 Jul 2023. In today’s digital age, PDF files have become an integral part of our daily lives. "It doesn't define your capability as a person. Tooth-Rotting Fluff; Sexual Assault; Jealous Diluc (Genshin Impact) Angel's Share Employee Reader (Genshin Impact) Morning Sickness; Soft Baizhu (Genshin Impact) bottom reader; Just a big book of Genshin x Reader one shots/stories I've decided to create in my free time! Some chapters will be longer than others and some shorter it all. He would not bend to the ebb and flow of feeling from his heart, no matter what obstacle was placed in his way, what dark looming shadow threatened the teetering. ataraxia masterlist - - you’re a farmer from fontaine and find diluc ragnvindr’s half-dead body in your backyard. genshin impact x reader Adventure. Reader-response theory is a type of theory in which the readers’ feedback or reaction to the text is vital to the interpretation of it. Venti X Reader Fanfiction Stories. diluc was like a prince out a of storybook; effortlessly charming, strikingly handsome, and a kind man. Discover more posts about diluc x y/n, diluc x reader, kaeya angst, diluc imagines, genshin x reader, diluc ragnvindr, and diluc angst. Fluff and Smut; My First Smut; Language: English Stats: Published: 2022-02-17 Words: 2,411 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 7 Kudos: 421 Bookmarks: 18 Hits: 15,732. Fluff; Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot; Oral Sex; Teasing; Edgeplay; Semi-Public Sex; Vaginal Fingering; Rough Sex; Light Dainsleif x Reader: These Lonely Years | 9 - Thoma x Reader: On His Knees | 10 - Diluc x Reader: Jealousy | 11 - Teppei x Reader: A Toast to Ambition | 12 - Scaramouche x Reader: Break | 13 - Arataki Itto x Reader. It was a pretty normal day the weather was fine the sun was out the sky was a bright blue color and the birds were chirping. fluff on Tumblr">#ayato fluff on Tumblr. And after what feels like hours, Diluc lets of a soft exhale and reaches out a hand, “Let’s go home. Diluc couldn’t help but smile down at you, trying your very best to keep up with him, he was truly enjoying himself. #neuvillette x reader on Tumblr. And you're parents, well, they could pay for things by themselves. His hands would wrap around your waist, pulling you in …. Bottom Diluc (Genshin Impact). A beautiful day, for a man who could not show weakness, but could not hide the way he flinched and cringed back from the sun. you jumped out of your bed and. Diluc (Genshin Impact)/Reader; Character: Diluc (Genshin Impact) Additional Tags: Fluff and Smut; Awkward Boners; Language: English Stats: Published: 2022-06-05 Words: 583 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 5 Hits: 1,146. If you need to view or edit a PDF file, you will need the right software. You knew that Sanemi loved to be praised after stressful nights. 20 pages Completed August 1, 2017 NerdingheimOppa. he’s a man who has unspokenly sworn himself to vengeance. reader 청림동러시아모텔출장가격01076898474 paketfunoffroadjeepwisatadibatumalang . Warm orange lights emitting from the vintage looking chandelier in the middle of the room. The bright blue skies were starting to fade into a warm crimson sunset and you step back to admire your handiwork. isekai'd || yandere! genshin male characters x reader. See a recent post on Tumblr from @whoistartaglia about Diluc x reader. • diluc’s love languages are physical and giving gifts. #diluc x male reader on Tumblr. Dainsleif: He enjoys the feeling of your warm body next to him at night, Dain is so used to sleeping alone on cold nights. Warnings: suggestive dialogue (Diluc brags about the night before), Diluc traumatises the maids talking about seggs with his wife (silly boi). Genshin Impact | Reader Dainsleif | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Dainsleif X Reader Forbidden Secret. You just didn’t expect it to be so soft. #genshin #genshin impact #genshin x reader #x reader #genshin impact x reader #genshin fluff #kaeya x reader #kaeya fluff #venti x reader #venti fluff #zhongli x reader #zhongli fluff #ayato x reader #ayato fluff #nobody. You work under him and you and childe don't really get on wel genshinimpact. #neuvillette fluff on Tumblr. Of course, you have your reservations at first, but ultimately you. With the ability to create, edit, and share PDFs, Acrobat Reader makes it easy to keep track of your documents. Yandere Xiao, Scaramouche, Venti and Kazuha x reader! So, just dark content! If you don't like it or can't handle it, please, just leave. It's not the type of place she would often frequent, but as the saying goes, there's always a first time for everything. He brings his lips to your face, where they belong, and presses kisses along it, the top of your head, your wet cheeks, your nose, everywhere he can. Arataki Itto x GN Reader He Breaks Your Back Prank. It was a cold snowy day in monstadt. See a recent post on Tumblr from @inlenii about yoimiya x reader. Summary: I love diluc and beidou and being in between them …. Lumine's Fiery Love: Genshin Impact Chapter 1: A Fateful. #genshin impact #genshin impact x reader #diluc x reader #diluc fluff #diluc angst #diluc reverse comfort #genshin impact fluff #genshin impact angst #liv’s genshin impact #i heart mitski. He did the biggest part of the housework, only letting you do the easiest tasks like folding sheets. unfortunately for you, you have morals and therefore provide him a place to stay. After a chaotic fallout with Nanami Kento, you find yourself still hurting and healing from it, when he returns to the Sorcerer´s world. Not my art on cover! Just a bunch of cute Diluc fluff because I'm so in love with this man. Diluc awaits your embrace after a tiresome day out working, mind hazy with the thought of you. - up to 13k words each - 1-3 chapters for each story - Angst, Fluff. An aspiring author seeking to write a modern interpretation of the Electro Archon and her familiar's relationship finds herself in a rather difficult situation. One moment, his lips are softly brushing against yours, catching your bottom lip between his teeth before gently sucking and nibbling on it. he likes to tell you that he wants a kiss, most of which is through simply staring at you until you turn your head his way. synopsis: after 3 years, diluc finally returns to mondstadt. Discover more posts about diluc x y/n, diluc x reader, xiao fluff, genshin impact diluc, genshin x reader, diluc x you, and diluc fluff. It was a tough day for the adventurer’s guild today. What goes in between such intensities? Slow mornings. After confessing to her on a fateful night, she is conflicted and turns him down in panic. and diluc is about to kick you out. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. She loves to story of rex lapis and the history of liyue and accidentally meet zhongli and sometime later he revealed to be rex lapis to. Will contain fluff, angst, smut, m4f, m4m, gn reader, anything and everything I can think up. Diluc gets back wounded from patrol and you take care of him. I might write more in future but for now I'm sticking with Diluc. Genshin Impact X Reader Oneshots. Just writing this last time to leave my link here for you all to follow if you. you could hear a lot of movement in the manor and that is when it hit you. visionary - you get a vision in front of diluc, even if it’s not under the most fortunate of circumstances. characters: Tartaglia, Kaveh, Kaeya, Heizou, & Itto. He reaches out to you, flicking your forehead lightly. And as of late, i've been having a brainrot over single oarent reader x Diluc, where Diluc started to get interested in reader but reader's son kinda considers him as a threat for their parent and so, keeps on sabotaging most of Diluc's tries to make advances on reader, especially since it's already hard for him to do so normally. See a recent post on Tumblr from @sleepingdeath-light about almond cookie x reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the most popular PDF readers available on the market today. Born into the affluent Ragnvindr Clan, Diluc is the current owner of the Dawn Winery and a nobleman of high esteem in Mondstadt. Part 2: Xiao and Kaeya Part 3: Bennett and Dainsleif Part 4: Chongyun and Razor Part 5: Kazuha. 🍮-His sweet lips kissing every inch of it. This is just a collection of my genshin impact drabbles, cross posted from my tumblr account. (Fluff so much fluff) you are Jeans little sister and Barbara’s older sister. "Yoho" you turned your head to see kaeya leaning against a pillar waving towards you. Do you want to cuddle after a bad day? Alright, then, he’ll give cuddles if that’s what you want. His hand moves to the back of your head to tilt it up to face him. "Don't, I know, you don't know what I'm talking about, but I know you are aware of yourself". In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using Adobe Reader and how you. diluc x reader diluc x y/n diluc x male reader diluc x gender neutral reader diluc x fem!reader diluc ragnivindr x reader genshin fluff diluc . ” he hurriedly grabbed your hand. carry you bridal style and THROWS you on the bed /j; like diluc, he would be all giddy inside everytime you cuddle and definetely will show it. Characters: (In order) Albedo, Mona, Yanfei. especially when he's fallen so hard for you and no one else. g making flower crowns with qiqi, collecting weirdly gross ingredients with diona, fishing (blasting) with klee, bringing sayu to a nice place and take a nap. NOTES : this has been sitting in my notes for like,,, a year now ;-; Wherever you go, I shall follow. It is a sizeable place, Teyvat, and as such it holds many grievances. pairings: Alhaitham, Ayato, Diluc, Kaeya x fem!reader (separately)tw: fluff, established relationship, a little bit of bullying, a bit of unwelcome drunk flirting, characters are whipped for their wivesword count: 5. diluc ragnvindr x reader | fluff | 1k + words “you- you’d like to hold her?” diluc stares at you, his ruby eyes showing a little more surprise than he would have liked …. A sequel to my previous oneshots book!. cw: fluff, Tomo just being a simp ig, use of irl cosplay photo so just imagine it's you. I will make a guide in the first chapter for easy navigation, don't forget to give kudos on the chapters you like ;D. neuvillette forgets about all his worries the moment his hand slips in yours so perfectly – it seems as if your hand was made exactly for his. Discover more posts about Diluc x reader fluff. look at the cuties taking care of u :3 | please reblog!! im getting back into writing and reblogs with tags and comments will make me want to write more :D. genshinimpactoneshots genshinimpact genshin genshinoneshots diluc xiao kaeya oneshots venti childe zhongli 2. 3k+ words in totala/n: check my Token of appreciation writing event!. Diluc X Fem!Fatui Reader || In the aftermath of a devastating fire that destroyed everything you held dear, you found new purpose serving the Fatui. Add to library 108 Discussion 2 Suggest tags. However, these cats had a secret that …. xiao diluc kaeya childe ayato alhaitham kaveh scara x gn!reader genre. #Diluc x reader fluff on Tumblr. Please consider donating to my Kofi. I wanna play with his hairrrrrrrrr make braids and snuggle up with him on a rainy night 😭💖 some self indulgent short scenario disguised as a hc + not proof read. Diluc was quick to shift so that he was on his side, pulling you close to him as he nuzzled his face into your neck. See a recent post on Tumblr from @rosiexweil about SANGONOMIYA KOKOMI x reader. — Can you do a Muzan!reader x diluc pls?. [One-Shot] When Seijuro hears about his arranged marriage from his father, it was an understatement that the young adult was absolutely livid. she’s still fast asleep; now resting on the bar top, dilucs coat laying under her head for support. ╰┈ Diluc reacting to a fem s/o who is a Hydro Catalyst user who can Bloodbend Obey Me ╰┈ Older Brothers find out that you live in an abusive household ╰┈ Satan and Asmo (Part II) ╰┈ Beel and Belphegor (Part III) Haikyuu ╰┈ on the first flight, back to your side (Bestfriend!Iwaizumi x Reader) (Fluff, not DC). Add to library 33 Discussion 94 Suggest tags. See a recent post on Tumblr from @siiverwriter about ninguang X reader. Here’s a quick sneak peek to warm your cold heart: Glancing down when the babe finally quieted, Severus found those wide eyes on his own again, invoking just more sorrow in him. diluc’s a busy man, so realistically he can’t be with you as often as he likes, so the times he does have you to himself he’s a bit overbearing; diluc’s kisses are really passionate, he’s not great with words so he tries his best to translate what he feels into the way he moves his lips and body against you. Diluc Ragnivindr, Kaeya Alberich x gender neutral reader (separately) Warnings : MDI (minors don't interact) Mentions of the backstory (both), a little hurt/comfort, fluff mostly with sprinkles of smut at the end <3, a bit of food play, Oral (reader receiving), Overstimulation, Mirror sex, rough, brief mentions of nipple play. There is an easiness in the way he embodies his physique—something Lynette has always found attractive in people. do not! share, copy or repost my work. Whether he was conscious of it or not, he slowly gets closer to you until he is pressed up against you. The performers were so close, and you thought if you stretched your hand out just far enough, you might just be able to reach the stars. And so much has changed since those stories started. a single snowflake falls to the ground, followed by another and another, until the ground is covered in a thin layer of white powder. Anime/Manga Vampires Sagauxreader Vampire reader Sagau Yandere Genshin Impact. See a recent post on Tumblr from @anantaru about genshin smut. Browse through and read kaeya x dainsleif fanfiction stories and books. By the Counter [1/2] (Bartender!Diluc x F!reader) (Y/n) sauntered into the bar. The ease with which you can get books — even borro.