Erwin X Reader X Mike X Nile Erwin X Reader X Mike X Nileafter all, slaves make the best queens. from the story Attack On Pics! (AOT/SNK) by Mystic-Phyre with 408 reads. The day was full of unpacking and decoration, and you had made your bedroom just as you wanted. you knew he softened, at least a little, when you were together. Implied Rape; Lime; Scars; ZERO Descriptive Blanks; Hange is irresponsible. eyelessjackxreader; ticcitobyxreader; benxreader +1 more # 17. Sign up with Nile Dok do if he finds Erwin x Reader [ LEMON] 5 parts Ongoing Mature. Get inspired by our community of talented artists. One shot book of different Fandoms x reader there will be Au's, gn! Reader and fem! Reader I'll make oneshots of different Fandoms one at a time. Language: Español Mike Zacharias/Reader (117) Hange Zoë/Reader (116) Include Additional Tags Smut (241) Fluff (218). slight Erwin x reader x Nile x Mike. Mike Makowski and Pete Thelman had never crossed paths until now. This is a Erwin X Mike fanfic about how Erwin and Mike work at a school. rang through your head like a bell. Discover more posts about commander Erwin x reader. Mike Zacharias/Reader; Erwin Smith & Reader; Hange Zoë & Reader; Nile Dok & Reader; Levi Ackerman & Reader; Nanaba (Shingeki no Kyojin) & Original Character(s) Erwin …. After a rousing dialogue with Levi, you dither over exhibiting that rebellious part of you to Erwin Smith. Levi with S/O who is political advisor to Queen. Graphic Depictions Of Violence; Levi/Reader; Erwin/Reader; Mike/Reader; Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin) Erwin Smith; Eren Yeager; Keith Shadis; Mike Zacharias; Hange Zoë; Armin A. Mike was a great ally of Erwin; he trusted his life to him, but what he couldn't imagine was what would happen when he decided to mix both Markov's and Zachariu's teams. He shared a birthday with Nile Dok. Đọc Erwin x Mike x Nile x Levi x Hanji. HC on Mike and Erwin Finding Out Their S/O Sleeps Naked. Dec 29, 2021 - Read Lost and Found from the story Aroma (Reader x Mike x Erwin x Levi) by its_yah_B0i with 26,550 reads. It was an strangely quiet night considering the loud crashes coming from the Executioner From Hell. you covered your mouth and quickly ran out of the venue, up the stairs, and onto the balcony. Anonymous asked: Yandere Erwin with heavy breeding kink after finding out that his darling’s been taking pills to prevent pregnancy?. erwin x reader - Freeform; jeolous Levi Ackerman; jeolous Erwin Smith; Commander Reader; Aot commander; snk; aot - Freeform; Thug Levi; thug levi ackerman; thug; Levi Ackerman/Erwin Smith/Mike Zacharias/Hange Zoë/Reader (15) Erwin Smith/Reader (11) Mike Zacharias/Reader (10) Hange Zoë/Reader (9). 720x648 - Attack on titan/shingeki no kyojinsong: Original Resolution: 720x648;. Browse through and read "erwin x reader" fanfiction stories and books. You are frantically trying to find the perfect gift for Commander Erwin, but this year is a bit more complicated because he's not just your commander, you two are a couple! You're Nile’s younger sister. You never approached him about it, and he never told anyone, but you knew. Your blonde lovers decide to dote on you all morning long. It's where your interests connect you with your people. the Ridonculous race Mike x reader. Erwin and Levi navigate their new relationship only to have everything come crashing down with the fall of Wall Maria. On a small hill overlooking the castle sat a young woman, hugging her knees close to her chest, staring out blankly into the sky. when you married Levi, you thought you loved his unwavering, cold demeanor. #erwin smith x reader on Tumblr. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Bay) TMNT | Reader Donatello | Romance Mikey Leonardo 2012 Idw Oc Hamato. Chapter 1 : The Kissing Booth [Levi x Reader]. Erwin Smith & Reader Characters: Nile Dok Mike Zacharias Erwin Smith Additional Tags: Foursome - F/M/M/M 18th Century alternative universe 18th century AU Pregnancy Historical Polyamory Religious Imagery & Symbolism Religious Guilt Language: English. Lola Loud Bikini - The Loud House - Pinterest. Just change the pronouns according to your gender. Things have changed in the three years since Erwin forced Levi into safety on the other side of the river. Nile Dok/Erwin Smith; Nile Dok & Erwin Smith; Nile Dok; Erwin Smith; Original Training Regiment Character(s) Mike Zacharias; One Shot; Pre-Canon; Canon Compliant; Teen fic; Missing Scene; Pining; Slice of Life; Summary. Attack on Titan Hogwarts Professor AU by Cowboysandcannolis. Il s'avança vers vous, et quand ton regard croisa le sien, tu paniquas. You meet some interesting demons, but one of them is extremel fanfiction. Once he was free of the crowd he glances up, catching your eyes. Erwin Smith/Reader; Erwin Smith & Reader; Gojo Satoru/Reader; Gojo Satoru/You; Levi Ackerman; Erwin Smith; Hange Zoë; Gojo Satoru; Sukuna | Ryoumen Sukuna; Itadori …. You are F/n, princess of the small, poor country of Shiganshina. Catastrophe [Erwin x Reader x Mike] Add to Favourites By DevianMarkov Watch Published: Aug 27, 2015 45 Favourites 14 Comments 15K Views A heart divided into two halfs. "Hi baby," Erwin greeted placing a kiss on your cheek. Poly relationship, smut, oral, body worship, established relationship, unprotected, love, fluff. Eight young teens are forced to face their worst nightmare over the course of one horrifying summer. GUYS I NEED YOUR OPINION!! Run-. User name or email: Password: Remember Me. Nile x Erwin x Miche x F!ReaderSummary: 18th Century AU! In a world of nobility and duty, Y/N finds herself trapped under society’s pressure to perform and to obey her husband. Whether due to your attraction to both man or Levi’s hands on your body, you just couldn’t bring yourself to leave the room. #erwin x reader angst on Tumblr. Orphan!Reader x Mean!Eren: Time. ) Y/n's adventures from childhood, training, falling in love and a new …. He groaned softly as his thrust began sloppier. The goth had never believed in vampires, thinking they were just made up monsters by conformists, yet M mikemakowski. child!reader ♬ Everything was quiet, save for the crunches of boots against the snow. Friendly rivalryIn all fairness they fell. "You're cleaning my uniform brat!" ~. Read Levi x Shy!Reader x Yandere!Eren: Sharing from the story Shingeki no Kyojin x Readers by SMF420 (Carrot Eating Python) with 29,326 reads. Y/n is a 4th year Slytherin student in the same year as the golden trio. The boy The Bard — Erwin Smith x Reader. The World To See (Various x Reader) [Attack on Titan] 917 pages 2 weeks ago Vermillion-San. I open my eyes and saw that Miche had landed on top of me, but he had his arms on either side of me to prevent himself from completely crushing me. You were a mermaid, and it was forbidden for mermaids to associate with humans. this is a gift for my darling @bluebellhairpin!! basically? the title says it all. Just another Erwin x Reader story it's light and fluffy, about how (y/n) and Erwin met, and how their relationship developed. Levi simply cannot stand Erwin. Rediscovery (Blue Lock x Reader) by cheesywolfycreamXD. Deaf!Reader x Yandere!Bertolt: Let me be your Light. Sweet Pleasure (Erwin x reader | Modern AU!) Fandom: Attack on Titan Reader-insert: Neutral Warning: Cursing Word Count: 2308 Estimated Reading Time: 10 minutes Late in the evening, Erwin came back from work. i will be focusing on my ao3 account, which will have all my stories in greater detail. They craved to be your only desire. Attack on Titan | Reader Erwin Smith Eren Yeager Levi Ackerman | Adventure Anime/Manga Fanfiction God Levi Eren Mikasa Levi X Reader X Various Levi X Oc X Eren Attack On Titan X Various X Erwin "Beauty from Aphrodite, strength from Demeter, wisdom from Athena, speed and flight from Hermes, eyes of the hunter, and unity with the beasts; she was born with the blood of a god running through. Smoke and Mirrors || Nile x Reader x Erwin x Miche - Chapter 1 - Tarrare_Iceberg - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own] Entire Work Next Chapter → Download Explicit : Graphic Depictions Of Violence Major Character Death F/M M/M Multi Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan Relationships: Nile Dok & Reader. Levi and Erwin were complete opposites of each other in appearance and personality. This in the same universe as my Englishman in New York' and 'Smooth Operator' story. " erwin injured attackontitan erwinxreader. However the Survey legion lead by Captain Erwin Smith has gathered information and have had sightings of people living in a region that has not been scouted yet. With thinly veiled threats hanging over Commander Erwin’s head, and Hange’s desperate attempts to capture and study the titans, fresh-faced Misha Belle struggles to find his place within the ranks of the notorious Survey …. I Love EruRi — cheekysmiletoo: Seven year old and coming of. You looked up, seeing yourself in your dim-lighted office. AoT Sacrifices Erwin x reader x Nile Pt. 111 pages April 12, 2021 オデッサ. He put the suitcase on the floor and carried the box of doughnuts he was holding, and placed it on the living-room coffee table. Discover more posts about attack on titan x reader, aot fanfiction, commander erwin, aot imagines, aot x reader, snk x reader, and erwin smith x reader. Hanji Zoe Levi X Reader Jean Kirsten Sasha Brouse Mike Zacharaias. The things I did in that arena changed me forever and I'll never get that part of me back. from the story Attack On Pics! (AOT/SNK) by Mystic-Phyre with 735 reads. Levi Ackerman, a boy who is often described as a "clean freak" and he's known for his intelligence, his good looks,his talent in singing and playing the piano. First person, some language Digging my arms into the tan uniform jacket, my face scrunched up in confusion as I looked down at the cuffs that hung past my fingertips. Horrible summary, better story. The Loud House Lola Bikini. unapologetically sinful: Nile x Erwin x Miche x F!Reader Chapter IV. Read stories about #anime, #aotlemon, and #attackontitan on Wattpad, recommended by RainbowUnixorns. 7K 69 4 This will be a Erwin x Reader x Levi (Y/n) the beautiful young wife of Erwin Smith has a perfect life. He'd never forget Nile and the way his lips felt on his. Michealaftonxreader Stories. In ceaseless bloodshed, the narrative unfolds afresh—history's echo repeating. Erwin x fem!Reader x Mike Poly relationship, smut, oral, body worship, established relationship, unprotected, love, fluff. Summary: After such a night of bliss, Y/N finds herself in her marital bedroom. "It will be alright (F/n), I promise you. The ballroom is stunning—possibly the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen. See a recent post on Tumblr from @aesthetxcimagines about commander Erwin x reader. After being introduced by Nile some years back she’s been more or less secretly dating Erwin for a bit. (Name), a soldier from the year 2401, fought an alien race that nearly wiped out humanity. his mother's tender heart and kindness. Levi x Erwin x Reader GingerF0x. Being the twin sister of a hot headed brother doubles her experience, however she's not quite the same spitfire. sun wukong knew how to take care of horses when he worked in the celestial realm as a stable boy but when he met another man who owned his own horses he found he wants t swkxreader. i will be adding a chapter to each of my fics here with this. They demanded your constant attention. Squad Levi Reacts To Ships. Genre: smut, 18+ Warnings: there is mention of r*pe but in the context of a title of a painting! I don’t do non-con fiction!!! No others really, a little bit of smut I guess?. AoT Character X Reader: AoT One Shots!. Can I get a HC of Levi, Erwin, Mike reaction to their kids talking back to their mother (their s/o). The Eldians who escaped have had to build a new life while still fighting against Marley. Read Hanji x Rico from the story Levi, Eren, and I React to Ships by Captain_Levi_31 (LeviJaeger_1) with 450 reads. I was a career but, I never was a victor. Levi X Reader X Erwin Smith Stories. If you three have Facebook, all of you have your relationship statuses listed as “it’s complicated”. an obnoxious, never ending bell. 6K 20 Erwin Smith, the name of someone who was spoken of at high regard, he was seen as strict and without haste, the perfect commander and leader. Erwin Smith X Reader Stories. I've already written one AoT/SnK fanfic, so you know how it goes. EruHan is the non-binary ship between Erwin Smith and Hange Zoë from the Attack on Titan fandom. " "Well, no one asked you to smell me. (Erwin x Reader MODERN!AU) Title comes from the song by Michael Franks – me favorite Jazz and Easy Listening songwriter. It was the time of day where everyone was inside their homes, snuggled away from the cold and all the candles were blown out. He respected his troops and everyone around him ,but those who stand his …. Erwin Smith x Levi Ackerman (shingeki no kyojin) Erwin Smith x Reader; Erwin x Levi - Fandom; Erwin x Levi x reader; Erwin x reader - Fandom; Erwin&Levi; erwinsmith - Fandom; ErwinxReader - Fandom; f: snk; fandom: shingeki no kyojin; fandom: snk; Farlan Church - Fandom; fav snk; Formatting; gallirei - Fandom; Hajime Isayama; Hange Zoe - …. my blog (and life) is a mess : Levi erwin & Mike with a s/o who. I just need to end it all!" I scream at my boyfriend. slight Erwin x reader x Nile x Mike; Alcohol; Sex Toys; Breeding; Cum Eating; mentions of collars and leashes; mentions of babies because Levi’s profession; beta-read by moi. World-famous and multi-award-winning filmmaker, director, and producer Levi Ackerman is hosting a ten-year reunion where all of his closest alumni are invited, including none other than the most lucrative entrepreneurs in the world; Micheal Zacharias, and Erwin Smith. PHYSICAL TOUCH- Hange just loves loves being close to you and loved on. It seems that (Y/N) was right to be worried. His 'mother' Madame Aydin, had been part of a top-secret experiment that had …. - In which, not only Levi, Farlan and Isabel were captured-but also, Erwin Smith's half-sister who was born in the surface but raised in the underground. Attack on Titan | Reader | Anime/Manga Romance Mike Jean Levi Eren Valiant Erwin Angst Armin Mikasa Hanji (Name), a soldier from the year 2401, fought an alien race that nearly wiped out humanity. Read Mike x reader lemon modern AU from the story AoT oneshots by pipermcfuckyou (I Eat Crayons) with 297 reads. He then pulled you into a hug and buried his face in your soft hair while you clutched his jacket fabric. Levi Ackerman/Erwin Smith/Mike Zacharias/Hange Zoë/Reader; Erwin Smith/Mike Zacharias; This is an Erwin Smith x Reader Short. ✨Sugar Daddy Erwin Smith x College! Survey Corps members whose efforts stood out, such as the Commander, Levi, and Mike, even received fan . You become noticed by a certain swim club member when working on a project in …. Erwin Smith/Mike Zacharias; Armin Arlert/Jean Kirstein; Mikasa Ackerman/Annie Leonhart; Reiner Braun/Bertolt Hoover; Nile Dok/Marie; Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss/Ymir; Sasha …. So like they both together but they are really distant and its obvious to others that theyre still pining for each other but they …. "Page After Page" | Erwin x Reader by Tsukki 45. Before you could knock, Commander Erwin called you. Erwin, a demon, chose to assist you. Smoke and Mirrors || Nile x Reader x Erwin x Miche - Chapter 1 - Tarrare_Iceberg - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own] Entire Work Next Chapter → …. nanaba; mikezacharius; modern +4 more # 5. KILL YOURSELF Erwin X Suicidal! Reader. Language: English Words: 106,120 Chapters: 25/? Comments: 307 Kudos: 583 Levi/Reader; Erwin. Reader is the newly appointed Herbology Professor at Hogwarts, her beauty and sweet nature manage to attract the attention of Flying Instructor Miche Zacharias, Transfiguration Professor Zeke Yeager and Erwin Smith on his first term as headmaster. "Wahhh!!" you sobbed loudly as Eren, once again, was punishing you by smacking your behind, he was also yelling at you. Ellie watches her father disappear behind the closed door. Erwin Smith/Reader; Erwin Smith & Reader; Characters: Erwin Smith; Mike gets the 'impertinent trainee' from the Trainee Corps and tests her already. Attack On Pics! (AOT/SNK) This book will be solely dedicated to smutty and non-smutty pics from Attack On Titan ships! Most, if not all, these pics will have come from Pintrest and maybe the odd from Google if I can't find any good ones for a …. I’d like for you to request me any idea you’d want me to write a story about involving Levi Ackerman with reader. You are still not sure if you fully understood. Erwin x Reader x Levi Jealous Part 3 ~That night~ You finished wiping down the bar and quickly grab your things. Erwin Smith/Reader (1040) Levi Ackerman/Reader (442) Erwin Smith & Reader (286) Eren Yeager/Reader (191) Jean Kirstein/Reader (166) Armin Arlert/Reader (152) Reiner Braun/Reader (145) Levi Ackerman & Reader (128) Mike Zacharias/Reader (117) Hange Zoë/Reader (116) Include Additional Tags Smut (241) Fluff (218) Angst (191) Reader-Insert (189. Whumptober 2023 October 11- Captivity/No one will find you. Erwin himself, eyelids half-closed and fluttering, was of no help at all. They are both two different species but both have one. He takes me into his arms and hugs me. And maybe, only maybe, truth or dare will help you to get to him. Like It's the Last Time (Erwin x Reader) 1/3 *This story is lemon. Read The History of Us from the story Aroma (Reader x Mike x Erwin x Levi) by its_yah_B0i with 4,841 reads. On that Monday, a surprise was waiting on the Commander desk. unapologetically sinful: Nile x Erwin x Miche x F!Reader. The three of them were at the top 5 of their generation, Mike being the first one. she was a hopeless romantic : His Lies. In his quarters, mid-sentence, Nile Dok set down his quill and stood. It was a wake up call like no other. Hope you enjoy =3 ---- The candle burned low upon the sleek mahogany desk, …. Mostly featuring the Veterans: Levi Ackerman, Hanji Zoe, Erwin Smith, Mike Zacharias, Nanaba, and Moblit Berner. Don't Ignore Me (Levi x Reader) As you pulled on your boots, you muttered to yourself in irritation. Work Search: tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit) 12 Bookmarked Items in Nile Dok/Erwin Smith/Mike Zacharias. This part follows the blossoming relationship that began in part 1. Graphic Depictions Of Violence; Major Character Death; Levi/Erwin Smith/Reader; Levi/Reader; Erwin Smith/Reader; Levi/Erwin Smith; Threesome - F/M/M; canonverse; Canon-Typic. Your deceased great aunt left you not only a house (Male Yandere DemonsxFemale Reader) You are just a normal high school girl living a normal life. " Levi says, glaring down at Eren who was rubbing his own neck gently. AttackOnTitanXReader: Truth or Dare Armin. Read the most popular willxmike stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Erwin x Reader x Kid!Levi. "What's wrong with you?!" You yell, facing at Levi. What should have been a nice night out with friends turned into something completely different. Since that day, you have sworn to avenge him by killing that unknown bearded to Marley. Summary: Lord Nile hosts a party to which Y/N is introduced to a few friends she has not met yet. His eyes were cast downward, covered by blonde eyelashes. AoT The Promise ~ Reader x Mike Pt. [𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐝 𝐟𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐛𝐨𝐨𝐤] bylerstrangerthings. he overhears the dialogue he shouldn't have to listen to, break into the intimate relationship. Anonymous said: Hello, hello! I really loved your Erwin + Mike comforting somebody with migraines, so may I request something of similar style! Could you do headcannons for Mike and Erwin with an s/o. It was an extremely hot day in the summer of '82, and you had just moved into Hawkins, Indiana. This is a smutty Levi Ackerman x reader book, there's not much to say about it. Levi x Reader - Angels Listen While You Read ~ All I wanted was her. implied ddlg kinda relationship, ropes and knots, i did not put too much effort onto it sorry and of course i wrote it with him in mind :) #aot smut #snk smut #snk x reader #erwin smut #erwin x you #erwin smith x reader #erwin x reader. Thus she seemingly wanders endlessl. ୨ ⍣ ୧ ⁺ ⁎ ˚ ⋆ ━ ━ W a r n i n g s: Smut, fivesome( just in the video), Apple Vision hasn’t come out yet so work with me here on the little research I did, Erwin is rich, double penetration in both and one hole, fucked dumb, deep throating, oral ( m receiving while watch the video on the Vision Pro), aot au/ modern au, sloppy top for Erwin cause he deserves it, I think this. Il arriva devant vous, te prit le bras, te faisant te lever. You are the Squad Leader of the Military Police along side your brother the Commander of the MP Nile Dawk. His shining blonde hair, his intense blue eyes and his “perfect bone structure” -as Nile Mike-Erwin-Levi-Hanji in various combinations. Hange is your mentor, Petra is your best friend, and Levi is… around. importantcreatorstudentbanana liked this. Hange and Levi have the hard duty of telling Erwin’s …. Chapter 2: First Taste Summary: oral sex (female receiver), fingering, overstimulation, fxmxm. Sasha Blouse/Reader; Erwin Smith/Reader; Mike Zacharias/Reader; Eren Yeager/Reader; Nile Dok/Reader; Jean Kirstein/Reader; Bertolt Hoover/Reader; Reiner Braun/Reader; Annie Leonhart/Reader; Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss/Reader; Chapter 1: Armin x MILF!Reader Smut- Unexpected Visitor. “Mind if you come in here for a moment?” I ask. 7k ↦ @bluebellhairpin request: You said you wanted this, so prepare thy self; a modern!Erwin x reader fix based off that ABBA song ‘one of us’. The Captain questions why you never resist the Commander's orders and dares you to consider pushing the limits of your relationship with the blond king. She's also been rooming with Levi Ackerman, Erwin Smith, and Mike Zacharias; Three of the top members of the Scouts: a notorious gang that's been impossible to track and …. Aot the promise ~ reader x mike pt. Levi Ackerman/Erwin Smith/Mike Zacharias/Hange Zoë/Reader. Armin X Erwin Fanfiction Stories. my dearest, — STUBBORN ERWIN X FEM!READER. Get notified when Erwin x Reader Lemon- Unnoticed Desires is updated. Hanji, Nile and Mike definitely, but Pixis?? I think it's clear from the manga, and particularly . THE PROOF IS IN THE PICTURES ( Cheater! Levi X Reader) {DISCONTINUED} These are one shots …. What will my brother, Nile Dok do if he finds out. KILL YOURSELF Erwin X Suicidal! Reader. Erwin grabs your hair back, still allowing yourself to bob up and down on Nile. You just made your way out of the bathroom and saw Erwin sitting upright leaning against the headboard reading his papers. They must learn to work together and overcome their fears. AoT rightfully belongs to Hajime Isayama. - Страница 106 - Результат из Google Книги Top 20 Sexy and Hot Mexican Girls & Women in 2022 (2022) xnxx-fuck-porn. Commander Badass (Erwin X Reader). reader x ares; Erwin Smith/Reader; Ares (Ancient Greek Religion & Lore) Erwin Smith; Smut; Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot; Summary. Feb 27, 2021 - This Pin was discovered by MOEN. (If not please ignore this) I was thinking maybe mike overhears the reader while she’s talking with her friend about her sexual preferences and how she likes calling her partner sir or daddy and of course she’d mention her sexual attention towards the both men so Mike shares that info with Erwin and it just takes off from there maybe?". Levi began to reach his limit as well. featuring: levi ackerman x reader, hange zoë x reader, erwin smith x reader, miche zacharius x reader (all gn!reader). Love Commands: Erwin X Reader (Lemon). Levi x reader x Erwin x Mike Romance (Y/N) is a very strong, brave and a smart girl in the Survey Corpse Scout's she's one of the captains and a very good one. Fluff [Erwin Smith x Reader] by Ayushuu on DeviantArt. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT ME TO MAKE IT A FULL STORY! Thank you f Completed. Work Search: tip: arthur merlin words>1000 sort:hits. Anonymous said: can i request and Erwin x Reader which Erwin is dealing with a sickness*has a tumour in his head* and he's trying so hard to not tell it to his wife and kids but they find out after. "This oughta teach you a lesson!" Eren yelled angrily, he swung his hand and hit your behind. Keith Shardis was leading an expedition outside the walls as the survey corps would follow him and some would fight titans. However… Tags: Spoilers for S1-S3, Angst, Hurt, Pregnancy, Lemon Words:. He's dating his university professor, Erwin, who is abusing him while seeing his lover, Eren, behind his abuser's back. It’s just a silly story, anyway. He smelled me for a brief second before chuckling. He seemed unaware that you could hear him. heavy angst, sadness and sorrow. Men's Shoes, Clothing & Accessories. This is a story of the reader who is having a lone crisis with her crush since high school. Read stories about #aotfanfic, #anime, and #aotxreader on Wattpad, recommended by aquelataldeAg0s. Nile x Erwin x Miche x F!Reader Chapter II Summary: After such a night of bliss, Y/N finds herself in her marital bedroom. But behind the blurry faces was a man with menacing blue eyes and vivid features; eventually appearing before yo. 78 pages Completed June 6, 2022 avery. Erwin had a particularly close relationship with Pixis. Erwin Smith; Reader; Hange Zoë; Squad Hange; Furlan Church; Isabel Magnolia; Mike Zacharias; Squad Mike (Shingeki no Kyojin) Love Triangles; Modern Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan; attack on titan - Freeform; shingeki no kyojin - Freeform; Romance; Drama; Love Triangle; levi x erwin x reader; Levi x Reader - Freeform; erwin x reader. Zoey x Reader x *Mike Relationship Headcanons (*With a mention of the alters) The three of you were already good friends from your time on Revenge on the Island, so the transition from friends to being significant others was pretty smooth. Photos (Student!Erwin x Geek!Tsundere!Fem!Reader) Hell, not even the devil has woken up this early!'', my good friend Levi complained, as he, Hanji, Mike and I, walked towards our school's entrance. On that Monday, a surprise was waiting on the …. Attack on Titan | Erwin Smith x Reader Erwin Smith & Marie Erwin Smith & Nile Dok Reader & Pierre. Read Erwin x Mike from the story Attack On Pics! (AOT/SNK) by Mystic-Phyre with 424 reads. attack on titan erwin shingeki no kyojin erwin erwin smith x reader erwin x reader erwin . Read stories about #attackontitan, #aotlemon, and #ackerman on Wattpad, recommended by Elieyana. But when Nile Dok, Erwin's right-hand man, catches your eye, eager to please and utterly devoted, you begin to play a dangerous game — one that may have higher stakes than you anticipate. Erwin is popular and very smart. STUBBORN ERWIN X FEM!READER Includes : some swearing. Infra-Red (South Park Pike fanfict by Makowski. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the attack on titan characters. Read Erwin x Mike from the story Mikasa Reacts to Ships by SpaceIsWayTooGay (Space is Gay) with 2,581 reads. Now Union and the current Power Rangers will pay for their crimes and sins. Smoke and Mirrors || Nile x Reader x Erwin x Miche by Tarrare_Iceberg Fandoms: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan Explicit; Graphic Depictions Of Violence, …. You knew him through his cadet years and yours, and your admiration of him led you right into the Scouts. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. Erwin Smith x Reader Office!Au Sexual Themes Ahead The menagerie of words and numbers on the computer monitor were in …. shingekinokyojin, bertholdt, armin. #miche zacharias x reader on Tumblr. 111 pages April 12, 2021 オデッサ April 12, 2021 オデッサ. You live your normal life as a fangirl of anime, Attack on Titan to be specific. The sailor in the crow’s nest immediately scrambled down the mast onto the deck and repeated his shout. Aug 25, 2021 - Read Healed and Lusted (Part 1) from the story Aroma (Reader x Mike x Erwin x Levi) by its_yah_B0i with 8,467 reads. You were so happy to finally be able to live alone only to find out that you are not as alone as you would like to be. Nile x Erwin x Miche x F!ReaderSummary: 18th Century AU! aot smut miche zacharias mike zacharias mike zacharias x reader nile dawk nile dok x reader nile dok erwin smith x reader erwin smith 18th century AU attack on Titan miche x reader 89 notes Mar 22, 2021. Erwin Week — October 16 2018 “Mystic . The moon shined in the sky, surrounded by the most beautiful stars I had ever seen. ~Requested by a mother who’s fed up with her 5 year olds sass🙄😂 A/N: I'm sorry to hear that. PHYSICAL TOUCH- Again, Hange loves being close to you. It's flames were the only source of light in the darkened bedroom, save the moonlight streaming in from the window. There are fragments of a myth about a choice between three goddesses from an earlier age; Erwin applies what little that is known of that tale to a recollection and analysis of his own decisions. She watched Hanji and Erwin, the taller man leaning down as he listened to the excited scientist explain her newest theory, hands flapping wildly. 1950's AU Erwin Smith x Reader. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Erwin S. Erwin x Reader on AttackOnTitanxReader. Nile expected them to join the Military Police with him, and he felt very betrayed after their entrance to the Scouting Legion. Erwin Smith x Reader Erwin Smith & Marie Erwin Smith & Nile Dok Reader & Pierre He always just saw you as a close friend, however, when you start hanging out with Mike, something changes for Erwin. This is a one shot about you, Erwin, and Levi. * Spending some sexy time with the characters in the world of AoT *Pictures are not mine! I got them from Pinterest WARNING! MATURE CONTENT! {I am willing to take requests}. Siren's Song |Erwin Smith x Mermaid!Reader|. Hange Zoë/Reader; Erwin Smith; Mike Zacharias; Nile Dok; Reiner Braun; Bertolt Hoover; Annie Leonhart; Eren Yeager; Mikasa Ackerman; Armin Arlert; Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence; Self-Indulgent; Erwin Smith/Reader (191) Mikasa Ackerman/Reader (170) Connie Springer/Reader (168) Exclude Additional Tags Smut (664). Mike zacharias x reader on Tumblr">#Mike zacharias x reader on Tumblr. Chapter Text Erwin soon removed his hands from your breasts to hold onto your legs, keeping them spread for Levi and holding you still. Erwin x Reader The first light of dawn shined down on the grounds of the Survey Corps HQ, a tint of orange appearing in the horizon, blending into the dark hues of blue and purple. Lord Nile thought it appropriate to order all servants away from the estate’s grounds and to invite Lord Erwin and Lord Miche to your afternoon stroll. ᜉᜄᜐ — Hello, hello! I really loved your Erwin + Mike. Like untamed wolfs, Levi and Erwin bite, scratched, and mutilated each other to the death. Summary: SMUT! Reader agrees to be Erwin and Levi’s part time lover. You thought your affections had been a well kept secret. ymirxreader, pieckxreader, reinerxreader. You were brought into Erwin's room. Nile Dok/Erwin Smith/Mike Zacharias/Reader. Synopsis: you’re the latest hire at Titan Co, joining the marketing department, under a team headed by Mr Ackerman. Is Suffering Stronger than Love?. He is best friends with Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini and Theodore Nott. Read stories about #aot, #attackontitan, and #aotfanfic on Wattpad, recommended by Babydoll8000. See a recent post on Tumblr from @crazychaoticizzy about Erwin x Reader. Younger days in the hays lol!!! Yet. Nile x Erwin x Miche x F!Reader Chapter II. I try to push him away, but he won't let me. Đọc chương Erwin x Mike x Nile x Levi x Hanji truyện Image Attack on Titan #M805305ScriptRootC1329561 { min-height: 300px; } Mike x Erwin x Nile x LeviMike . While having a secret relationship based solely on sex with history professor, Erwin Smith, Levi finds himself struggling to live. With thinly veiled threats hanging over Commander Erwin’s head, and Hange’s desperate attempts to capture and study the titans, fresh-faced Misha Belle struggles to find his place within the ranks of the notorious Survey Corps. Nile Dok/Reader; Connie Springer; Erwin Smith; Sasha Blouse; Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin) Petra Ral; Oluo Bozado; Erwin Smith x lector (masculino)/fic rayita/R18/Contenido explícito/One shot. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Levi Levi X Reader Levi Ackerman Attack On Titan Aot Snk Fanfic. Work Search: tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title. mike zacharius x reader on Tumblr">#mike zacharius x reader on Tumblr. If your family hadn't abandoned you, you wouldn. Erwin Smith, a new boy in the campus who is portrayed as the serious and very intelligent type who can be a. Reader infiltrates the Akatsuki’s base: Part VII. you have a dark past and you joined the milatary police but you convine your brother nial dok to let you join the survey corps and thats were you meet the comander erwinxreader. Late MeetingErwin Smith x F! Reader“antoxsmith asked: Hiii, could you do Number 5 of the Soulmate Prompts with Commander Erwin Smith?. A small smile slipped onto his lips, and suddenly you felt your face warm. he didn’t grow up in the warm, loving atmosphere that you had, and you thought you were willing to deal with all that came …. Believing her father's concerns as the last black family living in the secluded mountains of Wall Maria to be simple paranoia, a young girl naively set out on her own to …. Reader x Erwin - Lemon!A Steamy Encounter in the Shower Reader is a new member in the corps, Erwin is in charge of her and teaches her the ropes, while …. You raised both of your hands, wanting to. He wrapped one arm around your back and on set on your waist. Levi Ackerman Needs a Hug. Mike x Erwin Bhna_naruto_aot123. polhol land — This is an art trade I did in dA; in exchange I. Erwin x Reader -- 2 (MAU, Yandere specific) Cold, blue eyes stared at you from a few tables behind yours, their warm hands placed on the small paper cup that held a fresh brew of hot, hazelnut flavored coffee. Wings This is just a short story where you grow up with Erwin, Mike, and Nile. He wanted oh-so-much to reach out and pull you into his arms to calm you down. Levi with S/O that sees the best in everyone. Rough sketches of manga panels included at the . — also wanna headcanoon about mike and erwin how. Mike Zacharias/Reader; Nile Dok/Reader; Erwin Smith/Reader/Nile Dok/Miche Zacharias; Erwin Smith; Mike Zacharias; Nile Dok; Foursome - F/M/M/M; Cuckolding; Anal Sex; Vaginal Sex; Vaginal Fingering; Size Kink; reader is erwin's sugar baby/girlfriend; Summary. What discoveries and expectations with Y/N learn; from breakfast to an …. Read Deaf!Reader x Yandere!Bertolt: Let me be your Light from the story Shingeki no Kyojin x Readers by SMF420 (Carrot Eating Python) with 21,182 reads. Site Map; Diversity Statement;. Once again, a slave ascends to rule, a testament to enduring resilience and rebuilding an empire from the dirt. Ever since one fateful night at your family's bookstore, you had practically grown up with Erwin Smith. The commander: erwin x reader by ~BINKS~. They sat and stared silently at your occupied form, in which you were writing down some notes for an upcoming exam this week. Teacher!Erwin X Reader one. The story is meant to be a Levi X Reader experience with matured content suitable for adults (18+). Nile Dok; Reader-Insert; Forced Marriage; Domestic Fluff; Slow Burn; Alternate Universe - Historical Pregnancy; Summary. you sighed as you noticed the stacks of paperwork next work. Erwin Smith/Mike Zacharias; Eren Yeager; Levi Ackerman; Marco Bott; Jean Kirstein; Ymir Fritz; Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss; Sasha Blouse; Connie Springer; Erwin Smith; Mike Zacharias; Armin Arlert; Oluo Bozado; Petra Ral; Eld Jinn; Gunther Schultz; Annie Leonhart; Isabel Magnolia; Furlan Church; Sequel; Loosely Edo Period; Meiji Restoration. Levi Ackerman/Erwin Smith/Mike Zacharias/Hange Zoë/Reader (5) Levi Ackerman/Erwin Smith/Mike Zacharias/Hange Zoë/Original Character(s) (5) Levi Ackerman/Reader (4) Erwin Smith/Reader (3) Levi Ackerman & Reader (3) Reiner Braun & Bertolt Hoover & Annie Leonhart (2) Include Additional Tags Canon-Typical Violence (7). Mikey X Reader Fanfiction Stories. You live your normal life as a fangirl of This is a smutty Levi Ackerman x reader book, there's not much to say about it. Attack on Titan | Reader Erwin Smith Levi Ackerman | Action Fanfiction Levi X Reader X Reader Titans Erwin X Reader. Mike Zacharias/Reader; Erwin Smith & Reader; Hange Zoë & Reader; Nile Dok & Reader; Levi Ackerman & Reader; Nanaba (Shingeki no Kyojin) & Original Character(s) Erwin Smith; Levi Ackerman; Mike Zacharias; Nile Dok; Moblit Berner; Nanaba (Shingeki no Kyojin) Hange Zoë; Summary. Random mini stories for (Our Defeat is not Certain. Even the other genders (males and non-binary people) can also read it. finding yourself reincarnated in a world with no titans, you've spent your life hoping to see erwin smith once again. But they all fight over her when she's not watching she's the only one who doesn't know it, everyone in wall the walls know?. 2 pages November 5, 2016 Artmis. In a new neighbourhood y/n found a best friend called Eren. He didn't know what it mattered that it was Erwin and not Mike or . This ship is starting to really grow on me. Teenage! Erwin smith x teenage! popular! (fem) reader ” “Setting: modern au ” “Plot: Erwin is in his late years of high school and has many . All the men in the military simply died to get their hands on what belonged to Commander Smith, to no one's surprise. my blog (and life) is a mess : can i request and Erwin x Reader …. A light layer of the frost lay across the district, coating it in peace. This book will be solely dedicated to smutty and non-smutty pics from Attack On Titan ships!. Levi (Shingeki no Kyojin) x Reader. You couldn’t exactly remember what had happened next after Itachi lifted you up in his arms. Levi with GF that is the human embodiment of sunshine. Erwin Smith was a calm and collected person unlike Levi who was too serious and grim. You are a newbie in hell when one day you find a job listing in the newspaper for a job at the Happy Hotel. Attack On Titan One Shots. BOOK 1 - As a doctor's daughter, Eliana Jeager has seen a lot. Erwin Smith & Reader; Hange Zoë & Reader; Nile Dok & Reader; Levi Ackerman & Reader; Nanaba (Shingeki no Kyojin) & Original Character(s) Erwin Smith; Levi Ackerman Summary. Erwin Smith/Reader; Mike Zacharias/Reader; Levi Ackerman/Erwin Smith/Mike Zacharias/Reader; Mike Zacharias; Erwin Smith; Levi Ackerman; Angst; Fluff and Angst; Summary. Shortly after you met that handsome blonde man Things went uphill for a while But it went downhill really soon, without stopping it. See a recent post on Tumblr from @moonbeamoclock about erwin smith x reader. -Y/N L/N (Humanity's Wings) Browse through and read erwin x levi anime/manga fanfiction. Read Erwin X Nile from the story Seiko Reacts to Anime Ships |BOOK 1| ///COMPLETED\\\ by -Seiko-Swag- (☆ Swag Seiko ♡) with 137 reads. Browse through and read erwin smith x y n fanfiction stories and books. Beyond the walls of Sina, Rose, and Marie, are unknown to the people within them. Works; Bookmarks; Filters; RSS Feed; Listing Works. With the help of the NHR's top five soldiers, humanity turned the tide and won the war. legend has it you could still hear the sound of. The sunlight fell onto them and the stone floor, creating golden stripes. Touch device users, explore by touch. Erwin Smith/Mike Zacharias; Armin Arlert/Jean Kirstein; Mikasa Ackerman/Annie Leonhart; Reiner Braun/Bertolt Hoover; Nile Dok/Marie; Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss/Ymir; Sasha Blouse/Niccolo; Oluo Bozado/Petra Ral; Eld Jinn/Eld Jinn's Lover; Gelgar (Shingeki no Kyojin) Nanaba (Shingeki no Kyojin) Levi Ackerman; Eren Yeager; Erwin Smith; Mike. slight Erwin x reader x Nile x Mike; Alcohol; Sex Toys; Breeding; Cum Eating; mentions of collars and leashes; mentions of babies because Levi's profession; beta-read by moi. I step up to her and shut the door. As there roaming around they bump into a girl named Y/N Who help them. The Blind Soldier [Levi x Blind Reader] 386 pages 4 days ago WolfSpirit44. How We Met: Mike x Nanaba by Dragonsound1.