Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Fanfiction So, Moon goes to the crystal caverns of Romulus to learn a powerful yet dark spell f. " Star chuckled "Fine, I screamed like a little boy wetting his pants for finding monster under his bed. I smiled as I pulled out the demotional scissors I got from Hekapoo. A Wonderful Relationship Chapter 1: The Discovery, a star vs. The Forces of Evil - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 69 - Words: 531,973 - Reviews: 352 - Favs: 432 - Follows: 441 This is my first fanfic. Tom walks away from Star and Star walks away heading towards Marcia. Star and Marcia Vs The Forces of Evil By: nene9131. the forces of evil ">The Scent Chapter 1: Sniff, a star vs. "Get ready girl! Because we're going out tonight! You ready to make some baaaaad choices?" "Oooooo! Sounds fun!" Star said with still sparkling eyes and an …. "Whoooaaa," Star and Marcia said on the opposite sides of the ball room. The Forces of Evil: Staring it up! Episode 1: Comet visits Earth! Part 1. Star and Marco sat on the couch in the living room, watching TV. Star's Hero Chapter 14: Sleepover Part 1, a star vs. Marco x Janna one shots Chapter 1: I got your house keys, a star vs. But the part that ate at Marco's heart the most was the fact he never got to say goodbye. His grandfather takes him to an adventure with his friends as they battle their vampire nemesis to save Angie and Mariposa. " She said as Marco started licking her pussy, it was warm and savory, his hands moved and. These words and her disappearance left him heartbroken. The Forces Of Evil) Trans Marco Diaz (Star vs. So this will be my first story, so please do not do not judge to easily :p. Marco started to open his mouth and she just sighed and looked away, "Don't answer that. He enters the door and sees Eclipsa, the infamous Queen of Darkness, feeding her baby Meteora with baby corn porridge. Now, as a couple, they must navigate this new world. Princess Marco vs the Forces of Evil Chapter 1, a star vs. Both Marco and Star sat up straight, their hands clasped tightly together. Star and Marco have done the impossible. Suddenly Marco turned deathly pale. -Marco Diaz Show more featured. Mewberty may be quick, but humans got it a lot worse. Galaxia pulled back a little to stare sternly at her cousin, causing Meteora to stiffen. 3K 859 8 A Genderbent Star vs the forces of evil fanfic: A young fourteen-year-old prince Moon Dragonfly becomes King when the Monster King's General Toffee murdered his father d eclipse starvstheforcesofevil king +8 more # 3. "Flying Princess Pony Head!" Star squealed happily as she grabbed the floating head, now simply known as Pony in, for a hug. The only period of the story where Venus was angry for two days in a row. WARNING: TAKES PLACE AFTER “CLEAVED. Includes the main 12 heroes plus members of the secretly building. Marco Diaz is the abbot of the Butterfly Abbey, and must keep watch and care for the rather strange and unruly group of sisters within it's walls. Tom will put up a fuss but he'll do what it takes for Star, he always does. Saddened by the emptiness of his heart, his life deteriorates. But after unexpected visit, he will learn not only what happened with Star, but also more things that he never imagined he could do. She had no idea what Star did to keep her alive, or much less turn her into a baby, but she finally felt full. 》 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 🎶It's gonna get a little weird, Gonna get a little wild. Corn and Circuses: A Star vs The Forces of Evil fanfic. "Wait for the pedestal to fall and be there for him when it does. The Forces of Evil, Kim Possible, and Big Bad Beetleborgs are property of their respective owners, creators, and publishers. "Star!" The girls and Marco said. To fluff, to caring for each other, to having nightmares! Here are the best Starco stories! This one goes to the relentless Starco dump trucks or shippers like me who just enjoy the ship. ] OC, Ludo - Chapters: 6 - Words: 3,638 - Reviews Today this is going to be about Star on the run from the government with Marco after a phone call between StarFan13 and Star herself triggered the. AN: Hey guys, BearerOfTheLight here uploading something else, this time about Star Vs the Forces of Evil, I'm a big fan of the show and this idea popped into my head and I thought this would make a good fanfic, and then I remembered I used to have an account here sorry to all the followers of my Naruto …. One More Shot Chapter 5: The Death Of Marco Diaz, a star vs. He buried his nose in her shoulder, and Marcia was given the opportunity to smell his hair. That's because I'm rebooting the story. Opening up, the crystal showed to have a now restored wand inside. Marco wakes up to find himself kidnapped and chained to a wall by his familiar demonic friend, Tom. Star and Marco vs Evil Book 2 Chapter 1: Prologue and I, a. Even in late winter, the meadow teemed with life. The Forces of Evil) Janna Ordina Butterfly - (Star vs. He reached for his scissors once again. However, when Star let's her own curiosity get the best of her, she ends up causing something so much worse than that. " "You don't have to be so formal. Glossaryck flailed his arms and legs shouting, "Globgor, Globgor!" "Wow, he is waaaay far gone," Marcia mumbled. STVOE and Characters belong to Daron Nefcy and Disney. So when he finally gets his hands on his family's magic wand, they send him to live and train in another dimension called Earth. Disclaimer: All characters from Star vs. Now I've read a lot of fanfic in where Marco becomes a vampire, a werewolf and a half vampire half werewolf hybrid. Maybe you can snap him back to his normal self. Marco regretted that, even after the business with Star making the portal Hekapoo still came to help him and he never got to thank her. Princess Marco Diaz (Star vs. Still, a nagging feeling called out to him, pressing him to leave the land of dreams and rejoin the waking world. Fandoms (0) Works (0) Bookmarked Items (1) Random Items; People; Tags; 0 Works in Star VS The Forces of Evil. Star and Marco, together at last, try to learn how to live in the new world they’ve created, while making many new memories along the way. At first, there was no response. Marco dropped to his knees, allowing the tears to fall. "Good, Star, it feels good to talk with a princess from another dimension!" said StarFan13 in excitement. Star smiled warmly at the girl, knowing that her parents were still taking a few photos of the moment. the Forces of Evil and The Last Witch Hunter, it isn't. " Before he knew it, there was a familiar red portal and the demoness was gone. Proof that the remaining 10% is worth destroying your wand for here. Averting the End Chapter 1, a star vs. ” It is a decorative object with no structural purp. Also, what a twist! I don't own Star VS. Like Father, Like Daughter Chapter 13: The Quest, a star vs. " "Well that depends," Star half smiled. He knew the fact that they were being followed by the new girl but he was still clueless of why. She grabbed his wrists as the two stared at each other. Marco wasted no time in removing his final piece of clothing and freeing his erection, eager to join his showering girlfriend. " Star answered back in a quick burst, "Yeah, protect the kingdom from the evil queen, got it…" Moon let go of Star. SCENE: Star in her bed, back in the Diaz house. Following 'Battle for Mewni', Star and Marco carry on and work through new wrinkles in their friendship. Change Chapter 1, a star vs. MAJOR CHARACTERS: Star Butterfly - (Star vs. Looking around, she saw nothing but a vast expanse of the black abyss. Consumed by dark magic, they too craved for the living. Star and Moon had gotten into another big argument. Plus he finds himself dreaming of a different more medieval place in his dreams. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - [Queen Moon, Marco D. Marco's Reign Chapter 1: The Reign Begins, a star vs. She whipped her head back at Janna and stuck out her tongue, "I'll keep that in mind your highness. Star (Wars) vs The Forces of Evil by EDD17SP reviews. the Forces of Evil or any of the characters in the show. If Tom learns to control his emotions and magic he'll be the king of Mewni he wants to. I Still Don't Like You (a tomco fanfic) Chapter 1, a star vs. Enough memes to knock out a moderately-sized mammal. Marco was about to say something, maybe roll her over and off of him when he realized that she wasn't the only one on him. Moon pushed Star back and explained, "It's only a matter of time before Eclipsa finds her way to Mewni, and in the state Mewni is in, you are the best defense the kingdom has. No matter how certain things appear, destiny is never set in stone. " They turned around, and a huge figure dashed out from behind them. Marco the Fire Bringer By: BearerOfTheLight. "Star I didn't…" Star then placed a finger. " She held up the shredded hoodie, "The scissors will have to be enough. Marco looked up at him, tears lining the brink of his eyes," I missed you. Shower Time Chapter 1: Muddy Start (pg. After Echo Creek and Mewni merged, Marco left his hometown in frustration and returned 3 years later arrested. After finally ridding themselves of one of their most heinous foes, Toffee of Septarsis, Star and Marco were unsure where to start. Her room was torn apart and she was pacing back and forth in front of her mirror murmuring to herself. Star wasn't a bad girl, she just could cause trouble from time to time to time to time… Star grabbed Marco's hand quickly giving him an enthusiastic shake, "I'm Star Butterfly. Star leaned against the carriage door, staring out of the window with a knot in her throat as she watched her world disappear behind her, her heart skipping a beat as she set eyes on the dark, cloudy sky of her fresh prison. Blast to the Past, a star vs. "S-Space unicorns, soaring through the stars. The general rank comes above the other general officer ranks: lieutenant general, maj. The Forces of Evil Follow/Fav Epilogue By: Zorg771 WARNING: TAKES PLACE AFTER "CLEAVED. Her life completely changes when her new friend Star …. Star said, shrugging off the boy's concerns as she held her arms out in front of her and pressed the top of the wand against the scissor blades while Marco dived for cover. Star leaned in, inching their faces closer together and Marco found himself unable to resist her and so he surrendered and leaned in too. Marco stared wide-eyed at the sight of his best friend kissing Tom. The Forces Of Evil (19) IndyCar RPF (1) Include Characters Marco Diaz (Star vs. The story of Star and Comet Butterfly, two intedimensional siblings who come to earth with the Diaz family. The Finale as the whole fic is tentatively written to look like an actual series finale for the show (if that makes any sense). " "Yeah!" Star said excitedly as she tried to reach for the wand again only for Moon to once again pull it out of reach. 16 Sep 2023 Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Marco Diaz/Tom Lucitor Star Butterfly/Jackie Lynn Thomas Star Butterfly & Marco Diaz Marco Diaz & Tom Lucitor Star Butterfly & Tom Lucitor Marco Diaz & Jackie Lynn Thomas Marco Diaz's Parents (Star vs. After her transformation into a purple butterfly-like humanoid, she kidnaps both Oskar and his car and lifts him up to the sky. Comet Vs The Forces Of Evil Fanfiction Stories. "It's like Bad Picture Day all over again! I'm sick of everyone laughing at me! I'm going home early, Star. She stood and the ground started to shake. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz, a pair of Jedi Padawans, find themselves on the run from the Empire as …. To get started you just have to click create a page in the top right corner, and start working on a page for your character, witchsona, or fanfiction. — OoOoO — 1 — OoOoO — 1 — OoOoO — Star and Tom sat in Tom's room in awkward silence. Star leaned up against Marco and Marco wrapped an arm around her and lightly rubbed her back as the two best friends slowly drifted off to sleep. MonStar vs the Forces of Evil Chapter 1: Star Comes To. Star Vs The Forces Of Evil (Starco) Chapter 1: Prologue, a. "W-what?" Marco stuttered, not sure if he had heard his roommate correctly. A shy girl joins with Uzi, V and N on there adventure to destroy all humans. Star vs the forces of Loud Chapter 1, a Star Vs. Marco the Fire Bringer Chapter 1, a star vs. The most common one is a five-pointed star, also referred to as the “barnstar. Also, if you think that this is a crossover between Star vs. Star burst thru the door on a wild unicorn and road it to the end of the hall. Ludo said while walking towards the back door. There, she meets a nervous princess called Turdina and makes a new best friend, possibly more. Jackie moaned as her orgasm took her. Thus, the fic acknowledges that something happened when Star was trying to recover her family's spell book, but not going into explicit detail. The joy she brings me puts me at ease. Ready For The Future Chapter 1, a star vs. "Be careful out there, you two. The thundering march of the knights was apparent and the mob began to whittle at the barrier even faster, Moon and Star readied to blast them into oblivion. Star went to say something, but Izuku grabbed her, and shook his head. I'm your girlfriend, you shouldn't feel bad about sharing your issues. " Marco sang best he could, which in this case just came out as forced grumbling. "Ugh! I can't let you!" Said Solaria as she turned around to avoid the puppy eyes of her children "and i already put a magic barrier around your. Star looks to the back of the bus to see Justin holding his phone and staring at it. What would happen if instead of taking Oskar and his car into the sky, Star took Marco? This is the first fanfic I've ever uploaded, so I hope you like it! Please review, and advice is welcomed. Despite that, beyond his time of watching cartoons and playing video games and delivering pizzas around. A punch pierced through the chest of the robot, causing it to stop in the place. "Who are you?" asked Luffy, "And why are you dressed like a Princess?" "I am a Princess! My name is Star and I'm from another Dimension!" cheered the young Princess. Owl House scene, connects to Amphibia: (Calamity Box) …. But when Star finds out Turdina's secret and why she's there in the first place, she has a plan that might save them all. Mina Loveberry stood triumphantly over the pathetic figure of Meteora Butterfly as the bastard offspring of the evil queen Eclipsa and her monstrous consort clutched her misshapen arm. In " [ [Mewberty]]", Oskar is the focus of Star's new found attention on boys. Marco and Star sat watching each of the mack hands in order, using up about 3 batches of nachos in the process. (Sorry there's no Miss America tag. "Excuse me!" A tearful girl said running past Star. After swimming in the endless ocean of pure blackness for a while, she found that some spots seem to be shallower than the rest. If anyone asks, I got diarrhea. The chauffeur, sitting primly on the front, held a smoking stick against his mouth, inhaling quietly as he waited for her to come out. "Oh, he's so cute! I just want to gobble him up!" Star said "Isn't it cute. He opened his eyes, immediately sensing that something was off. Marco couldn't help but smile, Star always loved birthdays. /\ Two figures stood in a hallway adorned with stained …. Marco Diaz never realized how special he was until he found a sugar skull mask in his room. The hammering of his heart grew louder in his ears as Marco closed the distance. Star nodded and walked away from the couch as she saw Marco stand up and move to the door. Star ran to the dojo with the intent to support her friend, even if she was mean. After one mess too many, Star is sent off to Hogwarts to learn more about magic before she is allowed to receive the Royal Magic Wand. Prince of Darkness Chapter 1: Act One. It is the first Disney XD series created by a woman, and the third overall for Disney Television Animation (following Pepper Ann from 1997 and Doc …. For my first fanfic, I decided to write a crossover that nobody asked for or even thought of. In Echo Creek Kindergarten, the new kid: Star Butterfly, a magical princess from another dimension is introduced to her class by Miss Skullnick. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Star Vs. It was a whole new world, but it felt so much further. Izuka, Princess Of Mewni, a My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローア …. Glossaryck put his hand on Marco's head and Marco lost consciousness and fell to the floor and his crescent moons disappeared. Monsters, magic, laser puppies, demon boys, Marcia's life just got a lot funner. But when he wind up hosting a magical. Mr and Mrs Diaz were out of town for the weekend. They belong to their respective owners. "Here's the deal Star, everyone in this. After a moment, Star slid from the door, her hair messy as she fixed her dress. She came about 2 weeks after school started at Echo Creek Academy, she lived with the Diaz's as a "foreign exchange student" and became best friends with Marco Diaz. I make it so the ninja villages are just part of the muni kingdom. It turns out that the demon prince and Star's friend shared a taste for fantasy heroes. He, of course, drags Morty along in the process on another "adventure. Or will their friendship break under all the changes that their 3 years. Dashboard; Profile; Subcollections (0) Contents. It was 11:00 AM and he hadn't seen Star all day. Because Marco is known as the 'safe kid', he wants to be …. Marco placed his hand on the back of Moon's head as he shot a warm load inside of her mouth. Chapter 1: Fixin' What's Broken. " She was now standing behind him, uncertain how he would react to my presence. And so, every night that I lie awake thinking of Star, I close my eyes, and think of her smile, of her flowing blonde hair and magical wand. Follow/Fav Perfect Princess Marco. the Forces of Evil is a Star vs. Old friends will reappear, along with old foes. The Forces of Evil Forums. the Forces of Evil Sample Size: 1. I hadn't really realized it until I saw that, and scrolling down the list I did see most of the stories. Star VS The Forces of Evil Dashboard. Marco has finally "Earned" his scissors from a seductive Hekapoo, but she has other plans in store from him. Little does she know that this boy is the greatest warrior the world has ever seen. Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Season 5, a star vs. Anyway, since you gotten closer to Jackie, irredeemably you got closer [just in distance] with Janna, since she is Jackie's and Hope's best friend, and the trio is almost always together. River quickly noticed the red hooded boy and called out to him. Blending Spider-Man with Star Vs. Star leaned against the balcony, looking down on the people of Mewni, normal citizens going about their daily lives. As he was about to speak, Star placed her hand on his mouth and whispered to him. the forces of evil ">Fixin' The Mistake Chapter 1, a star vs. And immediately began shivering without his warm blankets. The Forces of Evil: When Two Worlds Collide) Finally, I want to give a big thank you to my buddy, The Wandering Hippie, author of the "Monster Love" series, whose writing style will significantly influential on this story. Before he hit the floor his cheeks glowed with crescent moons and his fall stopped and he got laid on the floor gently. Star took her arms and wrapped them around Marco's neck, tearing up a bit too and holding him tight. Taking a swipe out of the air his scissors transformed into a sword. So sit back, relax, and let's discuss how this series ha. " Star rested her shoulder on his chest. Her bright blue eyes found him and she babbled. Follow/Fav Star Vs The Forces of Evil: The Text. "Star!" Marco shouted, scrambling through the crowd. The Forces of Evil nor its characters. Kings of Old Chapter 1: Prologue, a star vs. Moon turned away, saying, "I hope we shan't be gone long," as she walked out through the door. Star jumped up and down, smiling widely. The Forces of Evil Crossover | FanFiction. This new world suits me and playing this game will allow me to fulfill my dreams. A magic well and a spunky princess. She thought fondly on how she worked on so many of. "Cut me some slack! In the three years I've been chasing you I've never had to use a sword!" Indeed, it had been three years since he took on her quest. This was a really fun thing for me to write and I love all the feedback that you readers and reviewers left. Though this story is going to be more halfway between an AU and a crossover, it's mostly going to be a Svtfoe story with Castlevania elements thrown in (though, that might change later). The audience looks to the doors. It's Star Butterfly, flying so high! Ohhh! Dorothy Fahn as Sabine Cheng. And it is the firm belief of I, Xanatos Stones, that there is no better way to do so than through an RPG. She sighed, slumping against the bookcase. It wasn't that Marco wanted Tom to be uneducated of Earth Holidays and traditions, oh no, he wanted Tom to have that knowledge, to include the lonely demon in on the holiday festivities that his parent's offered; Marco simply wished that …. By the time Marco was finished and walked outside, Hekapoo was already waiting, leaning up against a section of railing that Marco's dragon cycle Nachos was tied to and looking down at her nails. Star vs The Forces of Evil: Hidden Truth Chapter 6. Star and Marco are about to face their biggest obstacle yet: Growing Up. Star spun her hips in a whirl as she thrusted downward causing a pleasurable jolt to run through Marco's body. Star's parents decide to send her to St. Star felt a bit lightheaded, feeling a new spurt coming on its way. The magical council member confidently assured herself, turning to stride away from the congested restroom. After spending 16 years in another dimension Marco is finding it a little hard to readjust to his life back on Earth. Xemini and Heinous watched with fear at the robot until it lost the bright of the eyes. Eclipsa and Moon blinked in surprise. Averting the End Chapter 16: Battle For Mewni, a star vs. Eclipsa, weakened from using magic, sat on one end with Star, who insisted on tending her injuries, while Moon stayed on the other. Adopted Chapter 1, a star vs. For a moment, the blonde girl admired the birthday girl's princess dress. Star nodded and quickly swapped places with Marco, the boy making the transformed animal fly out of the town as fast as he could just as another girl was thrown, who flapped her wings in a futile attempt to stay airborne as she fell. This fanfic will include Characters from the shows, OC Characters and surprise crossover characters. Born and raised as the heir to the Kingdom of Mewni, Comet Dragonfly acted like anything but a Prince. Photo credit goes to holy-wars-and-justice-for-all. For that fact he had just found out. The Forces Of Evil) Eclipsa Butterfly Tom Lucitor Mina Loveberry Jushtin …. Their lips met in the middle and Star tilted her head to the side, deepening the kiss. Marco and Hekapoo have a daughter. After living five years on the world resulting of the fusion of Mewni and Earth, the now leader of the royal knights Marco Diaz goes back home to check on his family but the voice on his head, the crazy cult of anti-monsters, the second thoughts about his decisions five years ago and the other surprises were an extra though. His hood was drawn over his head. The Forces Of Evil | Star Butterfly | Supernatural Tomco Marco Love Burning Inside …. She starts crawling on the ground trying to keep her head below the crowd. Xemini took a fighting stance, defending Heinous. the ">The Butterfly Twins Chapter 1: Introduction, a star vs. An alternate story to episode 6 of Star Vs The Forces Of Evil where Star goes through Mewberty. TOH, Gravity Falls, Amphibia, SvTFOE are all connected. She scooted back against the arm of the couch and drew her legs up close to her body, wrapping her arms tight around them. Star vs the forces of Disenchantment by The Cowardly Christian reviews. " Moon just sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose, the disbelief etched all across her stern face. "Marco!" I jumped from my place on the couch when I heard Star yell from her room. Star flinched but she dipped her finger in his cake-covered hair and tried for a smile. There is gonna be a few more added scenes, fair warning. This is for entertainment purposes only; I do add other character and choose to have a right to for the purpose of conducting this Fan Fiction. The Forces of Evil and Undertale crossover fanfiction archive with over 3 stories. Star looked down and saw Jackie glaring at Alfonzo and Ferguson with slightly narrowed eyes, "Star told us that he's been having a rough time sleeping and she asked to leave him alone, and you two went an-" "We just wanted to make sure he was okay," Alfonzo sighed and shook his head, "Sorry we were worried about our friend,". "oshit hi star wat do you want" janna asked. "So, Star, you told me back when you got Mewberty that you handed Ferguson the spell book because you lost a bet with him. SvTFOE, Amphibia, Gravity Falls, TOH are all connected. Ever since he was a kid, he wanted to fell adrenalina, he started training in karate at first, then Kung Fu,Boxing and many others. Glossaryck was looking at the pudding. Will Star realize her feelings before its too late? Rated: Fiction K - English - Romance/Drama - Star B. Comet Vs The Forces Of Evil (SVTFOE Remix)Fanfic Intro Instrumental. I'm right here, and I don't plan on going anywhere. Please support the official releases. Star and Moon couldn't comprehend the sudden fall. Marco looked down at his paper, he must have taken a couple pages worth of notes now. The Forces of Evil) Tsumuri (Kamen Rider Geats). Marco vs The Forces of Evil Chapter 33: Babysitting, a star vs. FanFiction | unleash Follow/Fav Star and Marcia Vs The Forces of Evil. an: star butterfly vs the forces of evil don't belong to me obviously, only characters. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,062 - Reviews: 28 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 13 - Updated: Aug. Star Vs The Forces of Evil Idea, Discussion, and Fic Recs Thread. A single tear fell as Star refolded Marco's note. " Star looked up through her window at the moon and smiled with a new hope. The Forces Of Evil | Star Butterfly | Fanfiction Keeper Marco Wand Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Rose Butterfly. Cleaved Together Chapter 1, a star vs. " Jackie then blushed as she got up and went over to Marco. Perfect Bait For A Butterfly, a star vs. But things are not as they seem, and while the forces of darkness, fear, and evil seek to destroy, Marco and his new best friend look to make things right, between both of their worlds. He sighed once more, looking at his reflection in the lake once more before turning away. Star vs the forces of evil - The new generation. Hearing about Earth, the fragile princess decides it would be best for her to move to a new dimension. The Forces of Evil) (16) Tom Lucitor (14) Janna Ordonia (6) Jackie Lynn Thomas (5) Toffee (Star vs. Before star could even knock on the door, it was opened by jana herself wielding a FN FAL. the forces ">Fledgling Villain Chapter 1: Once More, a star vs. Everything goes perfectly but then a mysterious note appears from a person and claims to have taken their parents. Marco 10 vs the forces of Evil by Bernard Arriesgado 4. "Buenos Diaz, Marco," Star gave her usual cheerful greeting, giggling at her own joke. "Star? I'm going to go with Tom to train in the underworld," Marco poked his head into the throne room's balcony where Star had been spending the past few weeks staring at the kingdom below. Marco turned to see a frog-like monster getting beaten up by a bunch of human-like knights. Her denial was fading, and the reality started to pour in. Bad Boy Marco (Starco Fanfic) [Completed] 133K 4. Now, Marco has to deal with her hyperness while trying to find a cure to the youth spell in the magic instruction book. And despite being from different dimensions they are sworn siblings. She is examining the wond, which has just been returned to her by a courier. She ducked into the crowd trying to avoid Star. Skeeves hoped that Star's more wild personality would help open Marco up like his parents had hoped. That is, until Marco finally registered the silence. The mewls and cries of an infant could be heard from a distance as Marco approaches the kitchen area of the castle. The Forces of Evil) (19) Star Butterfly (Star vs. The five princes that he had to face exchanged fine silks for heavy armor. In a world where the tyrannical Butterfly Kingdom seeks dominion over all of Mewni, Princess Star Butterfly is dispatched to Earth as a key player in her parents' ambitious conquest. They'll expect the typical young adult issues, but might not appreciate learning that ruling an entire kingdom is easier than renting an apartment on Earth. However, decades of isolation made them weak and fragile, so they adapted and learned to feed on fear instead. Magic doors were floating all around the vortex. Marco Diaz had vanished into thin air. This is my story of how star vs would go if star was blind the story is kinda slow a first. She could barely stop her limbs from flailing to and fro and keep her voice from letting her bliss known to the world. The Forces of Evil FanFiction Archive. (excluding Signverse AU), and before I move onto those, I wanna do this story justice and finish it. Angie was in the backyard soaking up rays in a red, two piece bikini. The new chapter will be out after New Years'. Star and Luma vs the Forces of Evil Chapter 1: I'm a. She smiled as they asked her if she had created the so called "Evil chapter" in the book of spells. Star and Marcia Vs The Forces of Evil Chapter 1: Star. Star and Marco are getting ready for Halloween. With a groan, he pushed himself to his feet. Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,140 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: Nov 30, 2020. But when a spell doesn't go as she intended, Marco get's sent hurtling through time. FanFiction | unleash Cartoons Star Vs. " She said, The bottle then started spinning again and it landed on Jackie the cloud came out and it read. "Oh no," Marcia whispered to herself. A/N: And so, we finally close the chapter that is Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 1. It felt dangerous, but welcoming. Among those awoken by the child's cries were the little ones parents, who also happened to be the rulers of Mewni. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away STAR WARS. Then the alligator swam into the water. Unable to take the heartache, Marco leaves Star and ends up getting some new abilities. While I wasn't setting out to write the most critically acclaimed fic in this category, I was honestly surprised at how many of you actually enjoyed. Star vs the forces of evil Chapter 1. She's Star Butterfly, just swinging by. Neither of those are required prerequisites for this fanfic; It's a standalone story, just as it should be. Said Solaria shielding herself from the eyes. " Moon said but Star just looked at it and sighed. With the book of spells gone, Star is forced to resort to less than practical methods to learn new spells. "Alright Ludo, be careful!" Mrs. vs The Forces of Evil Chapter 1. This fanfic is gonna be in a third person point of view, a little easier to read, I find. Marco's cock was dangerously close to grazing Star's ass. , Eclipsa - Chapters: 4 - Words: 1,763 - Reviews: 31 - Favs: 65 - Follows: 76 - Updated: 6/27/2020 - Published: 5/7/2019 - id: 13280207. They do such a great job giving Pete character and how they blend the Star Vs. "Star Vs The Forces Of Evil" Stories. The Forces Of Evil) (2) Lilacia Pony Head (2) Angie Diaz (Star vs. Toffee's death meant that Mewni had finally won. A repost of Thaine's epic fanficiton. The Forces Of Evil) In wich Marco has to deal with the rising tide of rebellious princess, and of course, he has to wear that dress yet again. The Forces Of Evil General Audiences Major Character Death …. All three of them were wearing ornate armor, freshly cleaned and polished, most likely by their respective squire. Star and Marcia Vs The Forces of Evil Chapter 29: Star on. Dark Times Chapter 1: A Starless Night, a star vs. Ben 10 and Star vs the Ultimate Forces of Evil Chapter 1. Marco's grimace became sharper as a deep crimson painted his face and his eyes drooped morosely. Marco has returned to Japan with a veil of secrets surrounding his time their. It was the middle of June now and school was …. At lunch, while Star, Marco and Jackie were sharing a pizza, the new girl suddenly came up to them. Incubus Marco Chapter 1, a star vs. It wasn't as though the event was secret or anything, but Star still felt betrayed somehow. She was alone, cold, afraid and tired. This chapter is a flashback from the past, where. Tech-ni-cal!" Star's jaw dropped in astonishment as she inspected Ms. Star has been stranded on Earth with limited magic thanks to Toffee. "Star, don't try to get closer to it, we don't know what it'll do. Meanwhile, on the ceiling, there was a Hampton Bay Glendale ceiling fan. Star Butterfly, the Underestimated, former princess of the Mewni kingdom and great reformer of society, has made a mistake, the greatest mistake a person could had ever made. Three years since he's seen his family. Star reached into the room flicking off the already dim lights submerging the room in complete darkness. "What are you doing here?" Marco asked grabbing on her to arms. This Fic is going to be a continuation of the season 2 ending(AKA my season 3 project). "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD" Marco muttered terrified as he fell back onto the ground. She is first mentioned in "Return to Mewni", and her history is expanded upon in Star vs. Star and Marcia arrive in a room of skeleton statues with blowguns. The Dragon Guardian to the Princess of Mewni Chapter 1. 'If I was queen, I'd just give my. He walked into the shower behind Star and closed the glass door behind him. Though she will have to deal with the competition of …. the forces of ">Wands of Destiny Chapter 1: Pilot, a star vs. Now he's back to Echo Creek after 5 years and he has bored. Marco has rediscovered magic, but the cost. Star and Marcia Vs The Forces of Evil Chapter 1. Star hopped off the second floor and put the unconscious Marco in a couch and threw a blanket over him. One at a time they stepped off and into Stars bedroom. Star vs The Forces of Evil: My Star Chapter 1: Prologue. Marco was about to answer her only for her to jump off the portal and land in front of him. With a resigned grunt he flopped into his bed on his back and stared up at the ceiling. Alternate Universe Fic: This fic was conceived when Star vs was on mid-season 2 hiatus. Star and Marco were so caught up in the awkwardness of their situation that they did not notice the absence of the two adults. The dark blue SUV drove up to the orphanage and Star and Marco stepped out and saw Megan looking through the window with a small smile. Star looked at Moon like she has lost her mind. Playing with Fire By: brewer235. Realizing her feelings for Toffee, one of her closest friends, a young Moon Butterfly will have to battle then. "Oh my God Star, she so beautiful. The Forces Of Evil | Serial Designation N Arishy oc | Fanfiction Romance OcXCannon. It was a gray, cloudy day with heavy rain on the horizon. Little do you know, you'll meet the charming Marco Diaz! Rated K to be safe. Star questioned breathlessly, still panting from the release. The world of opposites? What do they have to do with this?" Asked star confused. I hope you all enjoy! Rated T for mild language. Legends: A Story of Lies Chapter 70: Just As Planned, a star vs.